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New Sonstrust Board

November 12, 2019

SonstrustTHANKS to the 40+ people who turned out on a cold and wet Wednesday night last week to attend the Sonstrust AGM.

One of the key pieces of business was electing a new trust board. Congratulations, therefore to: Jack Brough, David Brownlee, Jordan Brownlee, Denise Currie, Robbi Docherty, John J Duffy, David Ferguson, Joanne McBride and Alistair Thorn. They will meet for the first time on Saturday 23rd November, and will elect officers.

Thanks are due to the retiring board members: Brian Payne (chairman), Alan Findlay (secretary), Andy Galloway, David Powell, Simon Barrow, David Richardson and Jack Crawford.

The meeting also received written statements and short presentations from the three candidates who have put themselves forward to be Alan Findlay’s replacement as trust representative on the Club board, as a director of DFC. They are David Brownlee, Robbi Docherty and Stephanie Park. It was agreed that those names would be put forward through the trust board in consultation with the club board. The appointment needs to be agreed by both the trust and the chairman and directors of the Club, with whatever consultation or process the trust board feels is appropriate.

Audited accounts for 2017 and 2018 were also accepted, with French Duncan being re-appointed for that role in 2019/20. There was also discussion of the precise legal form the trust will take moving forward. Following a change in legislation in 2014 and the end of the mandate from the 2016 AGM we have been operating as an unincorporated  association. At present we are notified to the FCA as a community benefit company. The trust board will take this forward, and call a further AGM, probably in February 2020 to bring us up-to-date.

The meeting also discussed the future of Dumbarton FC, and heard a pithy presentation on community ownership and the future of the game from Paul Goodwin, CEO of the Scottish Football Supporters Association. A minute will be made available shortly.

Sons on the Telly!

November 8, 2019

View from the terraceIT DOESN’T happen as much as we’d like, but it’s really great that Dumbarton FC — and in partcular the Young Sons Crew and other fans — are on TV tonight.

The feature on our club will be part of the ‘A View from the Terrace’ programme, which goes out at 10.30pm this evening on BBC Scotland, and then on ‘catch up’ for a further week.

Thanks to Robbi Docherty for helping get all the media release forms signed for the youngsters (no small feat!), and to everyone who took part on 26th October (when the footage was shot). Gemma Hood and the TV crew were terrific, too.

More details here.

A Big Thank-You!

November 8, 2019

thank-youMANY thanks to all of you who turned out on a very wet evening on Wednesday 6th November to take part in the Sonstrust AGM.

Particular thanks to Antonia Love for staying ‘at the office’ for an additional six hours to open and close up, to do the printing, and to help in other ways. Also to Jack Brough for organising and staffing the bar, to Denise Currie for arranging the sign-in,  to all who took part, and to our guest speaker – Paul Goodwin from the Scottish Football Supporters Association – who gave a lively account of the challenges (and opportunities) facing fans across the game.

A report and election results will follow later… in the meantime there’s a lot to do for the East Fife match tomorrow, where we will be launching the ‘youth pathway’ partnership with Dumbarton United FC and also welcoming a group of youngsters from Kilpatrick. It’s the Saturday we mark Armistice Day, too.

See you at the C&G Systems Stadium tomorrow!


Tonight’s the Night!

November 6, 2019

AGMTHE Sons Supporters Trust AGM takes place at the C&G Systems Stadium, starting at 7pm tonight… and there’s a bar, thanks to Jack Brough!

We hope you’ll join us to elect a new trust board, to help nominate a new trust rep/director on the board of the Dumbarton FC, to discuss the future of the Sonstrust and the Club, and to hear from speaker Paul Goodwin from the Scottish Football Supporters Association – to which the trust is affiliated.

See as many of you as possible tonight!

Trust AGM this Wednesday

November 4, 2019

dfcscarves-1A REMINDER to all Sonstrust members that our Annual General Meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 6th November in the Community Suite at the C&G Systems Stadium.

The meeting will include the election of members of the trust board, as well as making a nomination (or nominations) for the position of trust representative/director on the club board. As we have more nominees than vacancies, there will be elections. You must be a paid-up member to vote. Please bring along your membership card.

There will be a report and Q&A on the latest developments at the club and in the trust, together with the opportunity to give guidance to the incoming trust board on key issues moving forward.

Paul Goodwin, the CEO of the Scottish Football Supporters Association, will be speaking at 8pm on the engagement of fans in shaping the future of the game we love.

The meeting is open to all members of the trust.

Thanks to Jack Brough for opening the bar shortly before the meeting. It will close shortly afterwards. 

The Sons Supporters Trust is a formally constituted body which remains independent of Dumbarton FC, but works in close cooperation with the Club and is represented on its governing body. Our aims are to bring together Dumbarton fans, strengthen their role in the club, and work towards collaborative and community ownership.

We hope to see as many of you as can make it on Wednesday night!

Trust Board: Get Those Nominations In!

October 25, 2019

NominationsA WEE reminder that we need your nominations for the positions of chair, secretary, treasurer and six other places on the Sonstrust board in time for our AGM – which is 7pm, Wednesday 6th November, at the C&G Systems Stadium.

People standing for the board need to be paid-up trust members, and they need to be nominated and seconded by paid-up trust members. (See Tommy Hughes if you still need to pay!)  Nominations can be made in the Community Suite/Bar72 on Saturday – there will be nomination slips, a box to put them and an announcement. Or they can be emailed to

We’d like nominations in by the end of the month, if possible. The new board will be elected at the AGM.

Regarding nominations for one trust representative to become a director of Dumbarton Football Club and a member of the Club board – we have three people nominated, and this closes on 31st October. Again, the recommendation will be voted on and made at the trust AGM on 6th November… so make sure you’re there!

Details of the AGM can be found below, on this site.

Remembering Margaret

October 9, 2019

Margaret McDonaldEVERYONE at the Sonstrust and Dumbarton FC was saddened to hear of the recent death of supporter Margaret McDonald, and send warmest wishes and condolences to her loved ones.

Margaret was an important part of the #SonsFamily. Dumbarton fan and trust member Innes Hatcher, who knew her as a friend, and as a Support Worker at Enable Scotland, writes:

“Margaret was born and lived in Helensburgh all her life. She loved the football and had her favourites, she fell for Mark Gilhaney first and that was it she’d caught the bug. Then her love passed to Garry Fleming and Christian Nade (see my photo) and she was in her element!

“Never quiet, telling the opposition to leave her boys alone, she got to the games when she could — either supported by myself or by Christina Galloway. Margaret loved Dumbarton FC and all her boys. She will be massively missed.”

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