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Nominations for Trust Board and DFC Director

October 5, 2019

SonstrustAT our Sonstrust AGM (7pm – 8.45pm, Weds 6th October 2019, C&G Systems Stadium) we will need to elect the following Trust Board posts: chair, secretary, treasurer and six board members.

Nominations (proposed and seconded) should be made in writing to Simon Barrow ( by 31st October 2019, or by letter to Sonstrust (Nominations), C&G Systems Stadium, Castle Road, Dumbarton, G82 1JJ.

Following Alan Findlay’s resignation, the AGM will also need to reach a decision on recommending a Sonstrust representative for the Club board, which will then need to be approved by the board. Again, candidates will need proposing and seconding, and nominations should arrive by the end of the month by email or post (as for trust board nominations, above).

Those putting themselves forward to be the trust representative on the Club board will need to demonstrate that they are willing and able to take on the fiduciary and legal responsibilities of a company director, as well as representing the interests of the trust and of supporters.

Thanks to David Brownlee, Jo McBride, Tommy Hughes and others who have helped me with this process of getting the AGM – and a massive thank you to Alan Findlay for all the incredible work he has done for both the trust and the club over many years. We hope to see him back with the #Sonsfamily in due course.

Upcoming Trust AGM Agenda

October 5, 2019

AGMAS previously announced, the Annual General Meeting (2019/20) of the Sons Supporters Trust will be held from 7pm to 8.45pm in the Community Suite / Bar72 at the C&G Systems Stadium on Wednesday 6thNovember.

We hope as many of you will be there as possible! We are hoping to have the bar open to make it a social occasion, as well as one where we will transact some significant business.

This notice, and details of the nomination procedure, is being sent out to all members by email or post, and will also be broadcast across all Sonstrust social media. 

The draft agenda is as follows. Please let us know if you wish to propose motions or other items.

* Welcome and apologies

* Minutes and matters arising

* Officers’ reports and report from Sonstrust Action Group

* Presentation and acceptance of audited accounts

* Decisions about company form (Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014)

* Election of officers for 2019-2021

* Recommendation for new Sonstrust rep on Dumbarton FC Board

* DFC ownership, community interest and the future


Our guest speaker will be Paul Goodwin, who is co-founder and CEO of the Scottish Football Supporters Association (which chaired by our own Simon Barrow, who initiated SFSA back in 2015). Paul is a long-standing friend of the trust and an experienced hand in promoting community ownership. He will be able to help set the challenges facing Dumbarton and its supporters in the context of wider challenges within Scottish football right now.

Manager’s Fund Launched – Please Contribute!

September 28, 2019

Dumbarton v Clyde 28.9.9819MANY thanks for all who contributed to our official launch today – not least Paul McDonald with his amazing contribution of £300, Gillie Brough for her two fundraiser cards totalling £1,000, other contributors, and Robbi Docherty for getting the account established.

Our initial target is £5,000 to give Jim Duffy’s budget a boost and some flexibility. The squad needs to strengthen moving forward, and this a real help. Jim has expressed his real gratitude for this initiative – more to follow on the club site.

In the meantime, if you have questions, please leave them here. But the really big one, we hope, is “How can I contribute?”

That’s easy. Set up a Standing Order (email: or donate in person to Paul McDonald (who has helped drive this forward), Jordan Brownlee, Gillie Brough or Robbi Docherty at home or away games – not least next Saturday in the Community Suite / Bar72 at the C&G Systems Stadium. Online payments can be made via PayPal. We will get a usable form up here as soon as possible.

All contributions will be carefully recorded for accounting purposes. The account and fund is exclusively ring-fenced for the purpose of supplementing the player budget.

Please note that any data you supply to us will not be passed to a third party, will be handled in compliance with Data Protection legislation, and will be destroyed when it is no longer needed for processing or maintaining your contribution.

[Photograph: (c) Andy Scott]

Trust AGM on 6 November

September 24, 2019

AGMThe next Annual General Meeting of the Sons Supporters Society will take place at the C&G Systems Stadium on Wednesday 6th November at 7pm, and will last for around two hours.

Key decisions will be taken at this important meeting: we will approve a revised company form in the light of changes to legislation impacting cooperative societies. We will elect a new chair, secretary and full board. Crucially, we will make nominations from the trust to the Dumbarton FC board for the trust place on the club board – replacing our longstanding representative, Alan Findlay.

We hope to have the bar in the Community Suite open for business… so you can enjoy a drink and socialise around the event

There will also be a full update on where things are with the club and the trust, a Q&A session, and a guest speaker – Paul Goodwin, CEO of the Scottish Football Supporters’ Association. Paul has been an enormous support to Sons fans throughout negotiations over the new stadium and allied issues.

Trust members will be getting their papers for the meeting (including nomination papers) shortly.  Do put the date in your diary!

Remembering Harry Birnie

September 9, 2019

Harry Birnie.jpgIT’S always sad when we lose a member of the #SonsFamily. So we were very sorry to hear this past week of the passing of Harry Birnie.

Harry was a loyal Sons fan and a season ticket holder for almost 50 years, first at Boghead and then at the Rock.

We send our sincere condolences and good wishes to Harry’s son John and the entire family. An obituary will appear in the club programme for our forthcoming.

The funeral for Harry will be on Friday 13th September at 9.30 am, St Kessog’s Roman Catholic Church, with a commital afterwards at 11.15 am at Cardross Crematorium.

All Change at the Trust

September 9, 2019

SonstrustTHE next Sonstrust Annual General meeting is due to take place in late October or early November, with the date to be announced shortly and official notice given to all members.

As reported at the recent fans’ forum, there’s a good deal to be discussed and decided. We will elect a new Trust Board, nominate for the role of trust representative on the DFC board of directors, approve two years’ worth of audited accounts, and consider what shape we want to take as a supporters’ body moving forward. There will also be further information and discussion about how the club is doing both on and off the pitch.

There is also bound to be significant conversation about the future of the club, following a recent meeting with representatives of Brabco, deliberations following that, and liaison with the club board and C-share company. The continuing supporters’ spokesperson on these issues is Simon Barrow, who is now also an associate director of the club (a non-statutory appointment which is distinct from the trust director role, but gives us an ongoing voice in the interim, while Alan Findlay’s successor is nominated by our members, and additional input into the running of the club.)

In the meantime, we have quite a bit of work to do to get the trust structures up-to-date. The fabric of our organisation has been left untouched for some time, while people have been focussing all their efforts on keeping DFC afloat. In particular, the Action Group we set up a year or so ago has been very busy with fundraising, etc.

So the trust through its members has been far from dormant, despite the gap between AGMs, for which we apologise here as we did at the fans’ forum. There will be more on who is doing what and volunteer opportunities shortly.

Thanks to all who are continuing to support the club on and off the pitch. It makes a huge difference!

Massive Thanks to Alan!

September 9, 2019

FindoAS has just been reported in full on the club website, Alan Findlay, who has been the Sonstrust representative on the Dumbarton FC board since 2009, has had to withdraw as a director of the club, and from his operational role, for work and family reasons.

Many fans already knew that Alan was needing to step back, and this was also reported at the supporters’ meeting organised by the Sonstrust a few weeks back. But the official announcement needed to wait until the details were agreed.

Alan’s shoes are big ones to fill, to say the least. As well as serving as a club director, he was secretary and company secretary of the Sonstrust and he served as commercial director of the club. He brought in a wide range of sponsors. Alan ran the club website and did a huge amount on DFC and trust social media. He coordinated match day hospitality and was a key contact on most aspects of the day-to-day running of the club, particularly after the the passing of Gilbert Lawrie and in recent years when Dumbarton has not had a paid DFC. He was also and MC, announcer and event organiser or co-organiser.

All of the work Alan did, amounting to many hours a week on top of his own busy, full-time job, was voluntary. In fact he has given of his own time and money unstintingly – and in dozens of ways (quite apart from that big list above) that many did not fully know about or appreciate at the time.

Running a football club on a financial shoestring, which is the reality for a team like Dumbarton, depends on a huge amount of volunteer effort. With Alan taking a break for the time being, we are in the process of re-organising and re-allocating tasks. Not everything that needs doing or covering right now can be done instantly, so we need your support and patience as things get sorted and developed.

We will also definitely need more help moving forward. We are preparing a list of tasks and jobs which people can volunteer for, and that will be publicised both publicly (where appropriate) and through internal communications as we move forward.

What we need are people who can commit to do things reliably and on a regular basis, as well as one-off help. That’s not quite as easy as some people assume (everyone thinks that there’s somebody else who could or should do stuff), but people have already stepping forward and that’s hugely appreciated!

In the meantime, we all send our very best to Findo, and hope to see him at the odd game (hopefully not too odd, and ones the Sons are winning!) when that’s practical for him.

Alan has many friends at DFC, and a great love for the club. He’s stepping back for necessary personal reasons, but in no way abandoning the #SonsFamily and the team he has supported fervently for most of his life.

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