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Massive Thanks to Alan!

September 9, 2019

FindoAS has just been reported in full on the club website, Alan Findlay, who has been the Sonstrust representative on the Dumbarton FC board since 2009, has had to withdraw as a director of the club, and from his operational role, for work and family reasons.

Many fans already knew that Alan was needing to step back, and this was also reported at the supporters’ meeting organised by the Sonstrust a few weeks back. But the official announcement needed to wait until the details were agreed.

Alan’s shoes are big ones to fill, to say the least. As well as serving as a club director, he was secretary and company secretary of the Sonstrust and he served as commercial director of the club. He brought in a wide range of sponsors. Alan ran the club website and did a huge amount on DFC and trust social media. He coordinated match day hospitality and was a key contact on most aspects of the day-to-day running of the club, particularly after the the passing of Gilbert Lawrie and in recent years when Dumbarton has not had a paid DFC. He was also and MC, announcer and event organiser or co-organiser.

All of the work Alan did, amounting to many hours a week on top of his own busy, full-time job, was voluntary. In fact he has given of his own time and money unstintingly – and in dozens of ways (quite apart from that big list above) that many did not fully know about or appreciate at the time.

Running a football club on a financial shoestring, which is the reality for a team like Dumbarton, depends on a huge amount of volunteer effort. With Alan taking a break for the time being, we are in the process of re-organising and re-allocating tasks. Not everything that needs doing or covering right now can be done instantly, so we need your support and patience as things get sorted and developed.

We will also definitely need more help moving forward. We are preparing a list of tasks and jobs which people can volunteer for, and that will be publicised both publicly (where appropriate) and through internal communications as we move forward.

What we need are people who can commit to do things reliably and on a regular basis, as well as one-off help. That’s not quite as easy as some people assume (everyone thinks that there’s somebody else who could or should do stuff), but people have already stepping forward and that’s hugely appreciated!

In the meantime, we all send our very best to Findo, and hope to see him at the odd game (hopefully not too odd, and ones the Sons are winning!) when that’s practical for him.

Alan has many friends at DFC, and a great love for the club. He’s stepping back for necessary personal reasons, but in no way abandoning the #SonsFamily and the team he has supported fervently for most of his life.


Your club needs YOU

August 28, 2019

“THERE are fans in tears here at Gigg Lane. Voices of anger. Disbelief.”

The above is a Tweet, sent at 11.08pm on the evening of Tuesday, August 27 2019, by a journalist from BBC Radio Manchester.

Fifty minutes later, the same journalist Tweeted again. It was a picture of a solitary man at Bury FC’s home ground, crouching, deep in thought.

That man, and thousands of others, are crestfallen today. Their club – and it’s been their club whether they’ve been around for weeks or decades – has been kicked out of the English Football League.

And although it has not come to pass yet, the possibility exists that the punishment could end the club’s existence after 134 years.

The supporters and staff of Bury all need an arm round the shoulder today. They certainly have one from us at the Sons Supporters Trust.

It is a devastating situation, and utterly disgraceful that it has reached this stage. Those responsible must be held to account.

But all the arms round the shoulder in the world, and any punishment being inflicted on the people who brought about this sordid scenario, won’t give those supporters and staff what they now crave.

They wouldn’t care if their team never won another game. They wouldn’t care if it never repeated the scenes at what stands to be their last ever league fixture, at the end of last season when they celebrated promotion to League One.

They just want to have a club. They still do, as it stands. But the chances of its continuation may not be high, and even if the immediate obstacles were to be overcome, there would be several mountains to climb to reach the level that the club has grown used to.

There are groups of fans up and down the country who do still have a club competing in senior football. They of course include Dumbarton.

And if there is any time for supporters to show how much their club means to them, it is now.

This is the time for fans up and down the country to work to ensure THEIR club is absolutely watertight against Bury’s current scenario repeating itself far closer to home.

However many times you’ve come home on a Saturday afternoon having had the living daylights frustrated out of you, you have a club.

However many times you’ve seen six goals in your net before the schools have even returned from their summer holiday, you have a club.

However many times you’ve stood in the freezing cold, deluging rain, with your team 3-0 down and down to 10 men, you have a club.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the release from everyday life that football is meant to be.

You have the opportunity to go somewhere on a Saturday feeling that however bad it was last week, this time around might be different.

You have the opportunity to make friends who will celebrate the good times with you and commiserate during the bad ones, and to make memories which you will recount to your grandchildren decades down the line.

You have the opportunity of days like Saturday – fantastic weather, a victory, and simply a more positive ethos around the place. It’s hard to explain what made it more positive – it just was.

The supporters and staff of Bury have none of that in terms of competing in the EFL. It could well be that soon they won’t have any of that at all.

This is three months after they were promoted. That’s how quickly it can change.

So now is the time to show what YOUR club means to you. If you haven’t been to a game for some time, go. Buy a season ticket if that’s still possible although paying as you go will do.

Whether a regular or not, buy a programme when you’re through the turnstile. Buy some merchandise. Sign up for a supporters’ group like the trust whose website you are reading now.

Ask if there is any way you can become involved. Can you sell programmes, help to spruce up the stadium, help to promote the club and its fixtures to the community at large?

Here at Dumbarton, we have a working group of fans who are in constant contact on ways to help the club.

DFC is also governed by a board of directors, at full and associate level, who have one thing in common. Not only the survival, but the continued progress, of the club, is their number one priority.

We are pulling together off the pitch, but we ALWAYS welcome more input.

Whatever works for you as a supporter of your club, do it. You never know when you might not have the chance.

As they celebrated promotion, Bury certainly didn’t. We wish them well. We just wish we could do more than that.

Colt Teams Controversy

August 13, 2019

TunnocksCWCDUMBARTON are in action in the Scottish Challenge Cup (sponsored by Tunnock’s) tonight — and we hope that all our fans will get behind the lads against the St Mirren Colts. But that doesn’t mean that Sons supporters approve of the idea of colts from the Premiership being in Cup competitions.

When the idea was originally mooted by the football authorities, the Sonstrust ran a poll, and then in 2017 had a ballot of all members on the issue. Over 90% opposed the move, and we made our strong views known to the club and the authorities, as did many others.

From the social media and email comment on this, our supporters have not changed their minds since. You are all very welcome to add comments here.

The biggest concern has been that the SPFL will now try to introduce colt sides into the league set-up, which many feel would be insulting and detrimental to smaller and part-time teams, reducing their chances of success in exchange for claims about additional interest, attendance and income which so far have proved illusory.

Many of our fans still feel very strongly about this. We know that because we listen carefully to feedback on this and other concerns.

What we don’t want to do, however, is to take money away from Dumbarton, especially at a time of real challenge on and off the pitch. So we would urge any Sons fans deciding not to attend the game tonight (a few have said they won’t) to still donate the equivalent of their gate money to the club.

Let’s all get behind the Sons!


Calling All Sons Fans!

July 23, 2019

MeetingA REMINDER that the Sonstrust ‘Fans’ Forum’ – an opportunity to get updated in person about the Club and the Trust, and to ask any questions you want – takes place this Thursday (25th July) from 7pm.

The meeting takes place in the Community Suite at the C&G Systems Stadium. Our chairman, John Steele, and vice chairman, Colin Hosie, will also be on hand to join the conversation.

We’re aiming to finish before 9pm, so it would be good to be able to make a prompt start. You will be able to get in from 6.45pm. If it’s possible to have the bar open we will, though this may be a little tricky because we realise turnout for midweek meetings can vary.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Sons Fans’ Forum – 25th July

July 17, 2019


FOLLOWING the close season break, and a lot of busy activity by our fund-raising action group, the Sonstrust is hosting a fans’ forum — update presentations and a Q&A — for all Sons fans later next week.

The meeting will take place from 7pm to 8.45pm on Thursday 25th July, in the Community Suite at the C&G Systems Stadium.

We are delighted to say that we will be joined by both Club chairman John Steele and by vice-chairman Colin Hosie.

This will be an opportunity to catch up with developments at DFC since the end of the season, plans and possibilities for the trust moving forward, ideas for further supporter involvement… and getting the message out about the need to #SupportOurSons!

Do come along on 25th July and join the conversation about how we move forward together! 

UPDATE – Awards 2018/2019

April 18, 2019


DON’T forget to get your awards night tickets to make sure that the event goes ahead.

Trust member Denise Currie, explained.

“The end of season event has always been a special night for fans. The fact that the club is away from home for the actual last game of the season at Arbroath meant that we had to use the week before for the event – it’s not ideal and time has been short in getting things organised.

“It’s usually a great night and we want to try and emulate previous events to generate much-needed fun and laughter.

“It’s been a tough season but despite that, we as fans feel we should try all we can to get the night well attended.

“A ticket costs just £5. We have plenty available, so we encourage supporters to take advantage.”

“There will be the usual awards to be presented – Sonstrust young player, Sonstrust player of the season, top goalscorer and our two fans awards. We will have a food option, plus the usual disco afterwards.

Tickets can be collected from Denise at the Club Shop, Alan Findlay, Gillie Brough and Robbi Docherty at the stadium this Saturday (20th)

Main Contact details are –
Denise Currie – 07553 141117 Gillie Brough – 07948 532539 –, Alan Findlay – 07904 666014 –

Engraved at The Rock – Fundometer (6)

April 15, 2019

OK then folks, here’s our SIXTH update (25th April, 2019)  on the status of our fundraising efforts relating to “Engraved at The Rock”

We are delighted to announce that our Fundometer (Brickometer) total now sits at 300 bricks sold meaning that we just need 100 mre to reach our initial target.

To pay online, a special Sonstrust Paypal account has been set up – follow the link shown here – Engraved at The Rock – Online Purchase

Each brick costs £20.

There is space for two lines of text – 16 characters per line.

Contact Jordan using to give him your intended wording.

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