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Platform for Artists – #supportoursons

April 12, 2018

THE Sonstrust are on the lookout for musical and performing groups or individuals to help with enhancing the matchday experience at Dumbarton FC by giving artists a platform to showcase their talents.

It’s all part of an attempt by members of the trust to embed the club further into the local community and to create a positive environment at the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium going forward.

David Ferguson, who is helping coordinate this part of what will be an ongoing and sustained project of pre and post-match activities at DFC, commented : “We want to raise the club profile in the Dumbarton community and work on the foundations we’ve laid with respect to being more focused on what fans want at a match.

“Attendance at a game now is so much more than just the match itself. We need to retain our existing support and try and attract a new generation of fans.

“We have to do these things for ourselves, with the club’s full support of course.

“Part of the process will be to provide a platform for local bands or artists to come along and play in front of DFC fans and I’ll be delighted to hear from anyone who can help.”

David’s e-mail address is 

#GetBackInThatNumber #supportoursons

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