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FAQ on Stadium Relocation

January 12, 2018

Brabco faq

THE owners of Dumbarton FC have given public responses to ten key questions posed to them by the Sonstrust, based on the trust’s engagement with its members and monitoring of questions and issues raised by fans on social media over a number of weeks. 

Along with the six assurances provided to supporters by Brabco, the FAQs seeks to summarise in brief and readable form some of the issues involved in lengthy, detailed discussions that have taken place over several months between the clubs owners and representatives of the trust. The talks have included exchanges about stadium ownership, the process of moving, the commercial and business case, changes needed at the club from both the fans’ and owners’ perspectives, and much more.

There will be an opportunity to hear more about this and to ask questions at the forum in the Community Suite at the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium tomorrow (Saturday 13th January 2018) before our game against Championship leaders St Mirren. We will also be hearing directly what the Club Board thinks from vice-chairman Colin Hosie.

This material (attached, link below) will be sent out to trust members by email shortly, together with an opportunity for them to indicate whether or not they feel the trust should give a public ‘green light’ as a body to the planning application being considered by West Dunbartonshire Council on 31st January (a key stage in what has been, and will be, a long process if all this moves ahead). The other option will be to continue to leave it to individual members to make representations as they choose.

The trust will be writing as a matter of course to councillors to seek an assurance from them that a fixed condition of any planning consent would be a requirement that a new stadium be ready before any sale at Castle Road. That is a condition that Brabco have publicly accepted and are expecting, as part of their assurance that there will be no ground share involved in the proposed relocation, and therefore no threat to the security of the club.

You can read the full ten-point FAQ and the six assurances here: Brabco FAQ & Assurances.


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