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Manager’s Fund Launched – Please Contribute!

September 28, 2019

Dumbarton v Clyde 28.9.9819MANY thanks for all who contributed to our official launch today – not least Paul McDonald with his amazing contribution of £300, Gillie Brough for her two fundraiser cards totalling £1,000, other contributors, and Robbi Docherty for getting the account established.

Our initial target is £5,000 to give Jim Duffy’s budget a boost and some flexibility. The squad needs to strengthen moving forward, and this a real help. Jim has expressed his real gratitude for this initiative – more to follow on the club site.

In the meantime, if you have questions, please leave them here. But the really big one, we hope, is “How can I contribute?”

That’s easy. Set up a Standing Order (email: or donate in person to Paul McDonald (who has helped drive this forward), Jordan Brownlee, Gillie Brough or Robbi Docherty at home or away games – not least next Saturday in the Community Suite / Bar72 at the C&G Systems Stadium. Online payments can be made via PayPal. We will get a usable form up here as soon as possible.

All contributions will be carefully recorded for accounting purposes. The account and fund is exclusively ring-fenced for the purpose of supplementing the player budget.

Please note that any data you supply to us will not be passed to a third party, will be handled in compliance with Data Protection legislation, and will be destroyed when it is no longer needed for processing or maintaining your contribution.

[Photograph: (c) Andy Scott]

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