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Massive Thanks to Alan!

September 9, 2019

FindoAS has just been reported in full on the club website, Alan Findlay, who has been the Sonstrust representative on the Dumbarton FC board since 2009, has had to withdraw as a director of the club, and from his operational role, for work and family reasons.

Many fans already knew that Alan was needing to step back, and this was also reported at the supporters’ meeting organised by the Sonstrust a few weeks back. But the official announcement needed to wait until the details were agreed.

Alan’s shoes are big ones to fill, to say the least. As well as serving as a club director, he was secretary and company secretary of the Sonstrust and he served as commercial director of the club. He brought in a wide range of sponsors. Alan ran the club website and did a huge amount on DFC and trust social media. He coordinated match day hospitality and was a key contact on most aspects of the day-to-day running of the club, particularly after the the passing of Gilbert Lawrie and in recent years when Dumbarton has not had a paid DFC. He was also and MC, announcer and event organiser or co-organiser.

All of the work Alan did, amounting to many hours a week on top of his own busy, full-time job, was voluntary. In fact he has given of his own time and money unstintingly – and in dozens of ways (quite apart from that big list above) that many did not fully know about or appreciate at the time.

Running a football club on a financial shoestring, which is the reality for a team like Dumbarton, depends on a huge amount of volunteer effort. With Alan taking a break for the time being, we are in the process of re-organising and re-allocating tasks. Not everything that needs doing or covering right now can be done instantly, so we need your support and patience as things get sorted and developed.

We will also definitely need more help moving forward. We are preparing a list of tasks and jobs which people can volunteer for, and that will be publicised both publicly (where appropriate) and through internal communications as we move forward.

What we need are people who can commit to do things reliably and on a regular basis, as well as one-off help. That’s not quite as easy as some people assume (everyone thinks that there’s somebody else who could or should do stuff), but people have already stepping forward and that’s hugely appreciated!

In the meantime, we all send our very best to Findo, and hope to see him at the odd game (hopefully not too odd, and ones the Sons are winning!) when that’s practical for him.

Alan has many friends at DFC, and a great love for the club. He’s stepping back for necessary personal reasons, but in no way abandoning the #SonsFamily and the team he has supported fervently for most of his life.

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