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All Change at the Trust

September 9, 2019

SonstrustTHE next Sonstrust Annual General meeting is due to take place in late October or early November, with the date to be announced shortly and official notice given to all members.

As reported at the recent fans’ forum, there’s a good deal to be discussed and decided. We will elect a new Trust Board, nominate for the role of trust representative on the DFC board of directors, approve two years’ worth of audited accounts, and consider what shape we want to take as a supporters’ body moving forward. There will also be further information and discussion about how the club is doing both on and off the pitch.

There is also bound to be significant conversation about the future of the club, following a recent meeting with representatives of Brabco, deliberations following that, and liaison with the club board and C-share company. The continuing supporters’ spokesperson on these issues is Simon Barrow, who is now also an associate director of the club (a non-statutory appointment which is distinct from the trust director role, but gives us an ongoing voice in the interim, while Alan Findlay’s successor is nominated by our members, and additional input into the running of the club.)

In the meantime, we have quite a bit of work to do to get the trust structures up-to-date. The fabric of our organisation has been left untouched for some time, while people have been focussing all their efforts on keeping DFC afloat. In particular, the Action Group we set up a year or so ago has been very busy with fundraising, etc.

So the trust through its members has been far from dormant, despite the gap between AGMs, for which we apologise here as we did at the fans’ forum. There will be more on who is doing what and volunteer opportunities shortly.

Thanks to all who are continuing to support the club on and off the pitch. It makes a huge difference!

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