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Colt Teams Controversy

August 13, 2019

TunnocksCWCDUMBARTON are in action in the Scottish Challenge Cup (sponsored by Tunnock’s) tonight — and we hope that all our fans will get behind the lads against the St Mirren Colts. But that doesn’t mean that Sons supporters approve of the idea of colts from the Premiership being in Cup competitions.

When the idea was originally mooted by the football authorities, the Sonstrust ran a poll, and then in 2017 had a ballot of all members on the issue. Over 90% opposed the move, and we made our strong views known to the club and the authorities, as did many others.

From the social media and email comment on this, our supporters have not changed their minds since. You are all very welcome to add comments here.

The biggest concern has been that the SPFL will now try to introduce colt sides into the league set-up, which many feel would be insulting and detrimental to smaller and part-time teams, reducing their chances of success in exchange for claims about additional interest, attendance and income which so far have proved illusory.

Many of our fans still feel very strongly about this. We know that because we listen carefully to feedback on this and other concerns.

What we don’t want to do, however, is to take money away from Dumbarton, especially at a time of real challenge on and off the pitch. So we would urge any Sons fans deciding not to attend the game tonight (a few have said they won’t) to still donate the equivalent of their gate money to the club.

Let’s all get behind the Sons!


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