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Club Engages Fans’ Concerns

September 7, 2018

John Steele on the busTHE chairman and board of DFC have been in detailed discussions with gaffer Stevie Aitken this week, following a really disappointing start to the season, and their straightforward statement about where things stand can be found on the club site here

As most of you will know, club chairman John Steele also travelled with fans on the Trust Travel Section bus last week, and is talking with supporters before both home and away games.

From the trust’s point of view this directness and collaborative spirit is a massive and welcome change over what has happened in the past. It’s a sign that we really can take the club we love forward together, on and off the pitch.

Supporters’ concerns and voices are also heard directly though our elected board member, Alan Findlay, of course. In addition, we have have a fans’ action group (Gillie Brough, Jordan Brownlee, Alastair Thorn, Paul McDonald, David Ferguson, Jack Brough, Fraser Clarke, Andrew McCulloch, Andy Galloway and Robbi Docherty) who’ve been working steadily and busily on improvements around the stadium.

That’s all to the good, and we hope trust members will appreciate the hard work people have been putting in.

What hasn’t been good, obviously, have been results on the pitch so far…

We don’t need telling how frustrated many of you are about that. What people are saying IS being heard.

It’s important to stress that what’s being said by the club right now about the incredible number of injuries as being the core problem isn’t an excuse or spin, it’s hard fact.

There’s regular, detailed discussion going on about how to deal with the situation — and the commitment of all our staff players (including the ones who’ve been turning out in spite of health issues!) is wholehearted.

In turn, we really need you to stick together, turn up and support the lads!

We have a double-header against Montrose in the Irn Bru Cup and League One this weekend and next. You can be sure that everyone on the field and on the bench will be busting a gut to get the outcome we want — and a positive atmosphere from the stands can make a BIG difference.

‘Mon eh Sons!

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