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Moments That Matter

May 17, 2018

So, the end of another season which finished not as everyone hoped.

After a marathon 53 game campaign, our beloved Dumbarton Football Club finds themselves in tier 3 of the SPFL and now face a new season in Ladbrokes League One.

Sons fans are devastated. We have enjoyed a purple period in the club’s history with six straight campaigns in the country’s professional second footballing level as Scotland’s best part-time club (operating mostly in a full-time environment).

It’s been a blast. A rollercoaster ride of emotion and for many Dumbarton fans a period of sustained success.

But we ALL now face what is a new era at our famous old club.

There are lots of challenges to be met head-on, including off-field issues.

With determination and drive, a full summer of preparation and hard work behind the scenes and your continued and invaluable support in 2018-19, one poor campaign can so easily be followed by a season not to be missed.

There are though no guarantees.

As a supporters trust, we are enthused by the refreshing and open approach that the club is now engaging with. Some say about time. No arguments from us on that.

We as fans may not be owners, but let’s be honest here, DFC is our club. We have invested more than most both in cash through the turnstiles and in our emotional attachment.

If the last 20/30 years tells us anything, it’s that you can never predict what memories might be waiting to be made just around the corner.

The club needs our support, perhaps more than ever. They (we) are working hard to make the matchday experience better for all.

Better late than never.

Finances are tight – right now where isn’t? And football clubs who have limited income streams feel the pinch more than most.

Season ticket sales are important to DFC. There is a direct correlation between how many are sold and what budget can be made available to the manager. Always has been, always will.

This close season with the club’s new tier 3 status, budgets are being reviewed with a clear loss of prize money being a huge factor.

Let’s not kid ourselves on this either. Times are tough.

This is where we come in. If it’s at all possible, we urge Sons fans to renew their undoubted loyalty to the club by purchasing a season ticket for the new campaign and maybe encourage a pal or two to join in our passion for OUR club.

The Sonstrust, through its members, is fully engaged in making the whole club better.

We have to.

As above, DFC belongs to us.

#For Every Dumbarton Fan.

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