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Trust Welcomes Positive DFC Changes

April 10, 2018

John Steele.jpgTHE Sonstrust says that changes taking place in the running of Dumbarton FC are “very welcome” and that it “greatly looks forward” to collaborating with incoming Club chairman John Steele — whose impending appointment at the end of the season is being announced this week. 

John Steele, a respected Helensburgh solicitor who has had a long time behind-the-scenes role as an associate director at Dumbarton, will be leading a reshaped club board at the end of the season.

The changes are in the process of being put together with the assistance of current chairman Les Hope, and in conversation with the owners. The Sonstrust is also being consulted and involved.

The incoming chairman wants Dumbarton FC to be “a pioneering community club” on the west coast of Scotland and is urging everyone to work together to that end. The trust and fans could not agree more.

Mr Steele has also publicly thanked the current chairman and his predecessor Alan Jardine “for the hard work which has laid the foundations for where we are now. Without their endeavour and financial support this would not have been possible.” Again, the trust is happy to echo that.

Sonstrust chairman Brian Payne commented: “We very much welcome John Steele’s appointment, the commitment to engage fans and the trust moving forward, and the positive stance the club is taking in challenging circumstances.

“No-one underestimates the task we face on and off the pitch right now — but six years in the Championship, a Cup Final, being Scotland’s best part-time team, deepening relationships in the community, growing commercial creativity, and the commitment of everyone who loves the Club shows what we are capable of.

“John’s positive message, combined with considerable experience and realism, sounds just the right note. We welcome the spirit of constructive change and look forward to working with the new chairman and with the Club board in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.”

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