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October 18, 2017

sonstrustlogoAs we hope most of you will already know by now, there’s a really important fans’ and community meeting taking place at the Club stadium on Thursday 19th October, starting at 7.15pm sharp.

This will be an opportunity to hear – and ask questions and make comments – about the latest concerning Dumbarton FC’s owners’ plan to move us to a new stadium at Dalmoak.

A good deal has changed since the Trust’s AGM and discussion meeting last November.

A detailed planning application has now been submitted to West Dunbartonshire Council, and will be decided by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Ian Wilson, with whom we had some very difficult exchanges, has moved off the DFC board and off the front line of this project for Brabco.

In his place, in terms of liaison with the club and the fans through the Trust, has come Chris Stainton, who we have been talking with for three years behind the scenes, and who is now fronting the new stadium proposal for the owners and developers.

Chris will be attending our meeting, along with planning consultant Roddy McLeod, to present the latest situation and to engage with fans. We are keen for as many supporters as possible to come along so that fans’ voices are heard

The Trust’s nominated representatives (Simon Barrow, Alan Findlay, Stephen Lynch and Alistair Thorn), along with the club board, have now had several positive meetings with Chris.

Though many questions still remain about the way forward, we have found Chris to be someone we can do business with. We are now looking at commercial requirements for a new stadium, but also the costs that would be involved in staying where we are.

The Trust’s continuing and primary concern, as always, is to make sure that the future of the Dumbarton FC is assured, and also that we as supporters increase our stakeholding, voice and influence in the club we love. That remains the bedrock of our approach.

With the planning application under active consideration, this stadium relocation proposal has reached a critical stage. So please DO COME ALONG on Thursday 19th October – and encourage your Sons supporting friends and family to join you in the Community Suite at the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium at 7.15pm.

Brian Payne

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