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April 11, 2017

YES, we know, we’ve already publicised this.

But for some things, the message just keeps having to go out.

On Saturday, Dumbarton supporters have the chance to help a forward-thinking Trust move even further forward.

Since our inception in the early 21st century, the Sons Supporters Trust has achieved so much.

Dumbarton’s matchday programme, club website, and the annual awards bash which you can buy tickets for this Saturday.

There – three things that you can list without even having to wrack your brain.

Not to mention keeping the fans up to speed with the ongoing plans regarding the club’s location.

Our members have been a big part of what we’ve achieved. We couldn’t function so well without our membership, which accounts for a large percentage of Dumbarton’s core support.

But we want it to be an even larger percentage. In fact, why shouldn’t it be 100 per cent of those fans aged 16 and over? And more?

That’s why we’re staging a recruitment drive at Saturday’s game with Dunfermline Athletic.

Because we want the positivity to keep growing – and increased member numbers can only help that.

So on Saturday, remember to bring an extra £10 with you (or more if you’re buying tickets for the awards night!).

If you’re not a Trust member, use it to sign up. If you are a Trust member, renew for season 2017/18.

And if you are a Trust member who pays by standing order – use your tenner to sign up another new member! In fact, try to get a new member to join anyway.

There will be somebody you can register – a relative, a friend, maybe even the supporter you sit next to on Saturday who hasn’t joined.

There are only so many people who can be in a stadium to support their football team at any one time.

But there is no limit to the number that can show their support by joining a fans’ organisation like ours.

We’ve made incredible strides as a Trust over the years. We want to keep making them.

And the person who can help us do that? YOU. For only £10 a year.

So don’t just sit in the stand every other Saturday. Join a forward-thinking Trust, or help to boost its numbers alongside yourself.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday – the more the merrier.

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