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You Couldn’t Make This Up … Part 238

April 5, 2016


IN football parlance, supporters have given the SPFL a red card following yesterday’s decision to move all of the Championship’s final day matches to another day.

And it’s a straight red too. No messing.

So, here’s an idea.

See on Saturday, April 23, just have the Sons Supporters Trust’s awards night.

Everybody can get heads together before the game and decide which pub to head to. In fact, spread it over a selection of boozers in the area.

Get Jim McAllister to announce the venue(s) over the tannoy after the St Mirren game, and everybody can head there for the usual end-of-season knees-up.

It’s a nonsense, of course. But no more of a nonsense than we expetienced yesterday.

Because due to some people’s stubbornness, the awards which you voted for last Saturday will be presented on a date…to be confirmed.

It could be that Saturday, it could be the following Sunday, May 1. It could be 4am on Boxing Day, if that’s alright by the SPFL.

Almost anything actually. Except Saturday, April 30 at the Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium.

Which happens to be exactly what the Sons Supporters Trust has been touting to its members for weeks. And now has to change.

The reasons why it can’t be that night are clear cut. The SPFL, as part of their infinite wisdom as the guardians of the game, have enforced them.

Dumbarton’s 36-match league season will end at Alloa – not on the last day of April, but on the Sunday, the first day of May.

It would be nice to think it’s because it’s the centre of attention, but it’s not. BT Sport want to show a dead rubber fixture between St Mirren and Rangers.

The Buddies’ clash with the invariable Championship winners (although hopefully they’ll have to wait at least another game to clinch that title after tonight) is the only last-day fixture which currently looks guaranteed to have nothing riding on it.

However, the TV company, as is their right, want to show it and when that happens on the last day of the season, all games have to move.

But we found this out 12 months ago. Remember the Raith Rovers fixture fiasco which led to Dumbarton having to tear up plans for hospitality and start them all again?

Manager Stevie Aitken, naturally, doesn’t want his players out celebrating the night before what could yet be a crunch game.

Letting your players drink just before an important fixture – what sort of manager does that?

So several people are having to run about like the proverbially-coloured flies, at less than four weeks’ notice, to rearrange things. For no reward, other than the satisfaction of seeing how everybody enjoys themselves.

And make no mistake, they WILL enjoy themselves. The Trust WILL try to ensure that there is an awards bash, come hell or high water.

But already it’s proving a struggle. Because other parties had the audacity to book the stadium, or other venues, when they were free, it’s hard to find the right place, and even harder to find a date for the bash.

The Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium is out. There’s something already taking place on Sunday, May 1 and Saturday, April 23.

There is also no room at the inn on the 23rd at various hotels and hostelries already contacted by the Trust’s hardworking members.

It’s a situation which has come about because the guardians of their game are sticking by their rules without any consideration for any amount of hard work which has gone on elsewhere.

Sure, rules are rules. The SPFL will stick to that in any sort of statement they issue.

But the law, in this case, is an Aitken-Saunders-Saunders.

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