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Show Racism The Red Card

July 17, 2015

racismShow Racism the Red Card Scotland (SRtRC) is launching a digital project on Friday 17th July 2015, called ‘This Is My Home’, and we’d really like to count on your support in helping to promote these films and their unique message. 

This Is My Home is a series of seven short documentary films from SRtRC exploring the issues of immigration and racism from the point of view of Scotland’s migrant community. This is My Home was produced for SRtRC by Glasgow-based filmmaker David McGinty (for production company Walnut Wasp), thanks to sponsorship from the Educational Institute of Scotland.

“#thisismyhome is a very powerful video with an important message that regardless of our colour, ethnicity or faith, Scotland is home to many diverse people and communities. I have often been told to “Go back home” which is one of the most hurtful insults anyone can throw my way as I have no other home than Scotland. By encouraging people of all backgrounds to show a united front against racism we can overcome hateful and intolerant attitudes, wherever they exist.” – Humza Yousaf MSP for Glasgow.

“These are excellent films. With warmth and simple humanity, it puts the racists – and those who encourage them – to shame”. – Ken Loach, Film and Television Director

The project includes deeply candid personal accounts by individual immigrants from as far afield as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Iraq, seeking to inform the national conversation about immigration, from the point of view of the UK’s migrant population.

This Is My Home is a platform for a conversation about the positive impact of immigration in the UK. As such, we’re supporting this launch with the hashtag #thisismyhome, and we’re inviting everyone to share their positive experiences of immigration in the UK, from every perspective and across all social media channels.

SRtRC would like to encourage contributions in the form of photographs, text posts, videos on YouTube and Instagram, and we’d like to invite supporters of equality, of immigration and of anti-racism, to share existing content under the #thisismyhome banner, to contribute content directly and to further the publicity of the campaign in any other suitable way.

SRtRC invite contributions from the immigrant community, expressing their candid views on living in the UK. Equally, we invite contributions from the indigenous population, documenting the ways in which immigration has enriched their lives, and the British culture. In each case, and across all social media channels, we invite contributors to use the hashtag #thisismyhome.

At noon on Friday 17th July, we’ll be publishing the videos, and going live with the campaign, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and

SRtRC Scotland would like to be able to count on your support in opening up the conversation nationwide – please support the launch of the videos, and encourage the participation of others, by posting about the issue using the hashtag #thisismyhome from Friday 17th July onwards.

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