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Sonstrust Statement on Ian Murray’s Departure

May 23, 2015

SonstrustAGMTHE Sonstrust has issued a statement in response to the news that Dumbarton boss Ian Murray has moved to the managerial hot-seat at St Mirren.

“On behalf of our members and all loyal fans of the Sons, we would like to thank Ian for everything he and his team have done for the club over the past two-and-a-half years. We wish him all the best for the future.

“This has been a period of incredible achievement for Dumbarton FC on and off the park. As a small, part-time club everyone recognizes that we have been punching well above our weight to be where we are in the SPFL Championship, the second tier of professional football in Scotland.

“Ian Murray’s departure is clearly an important crossroads. Through our trust director, Alan Findlay, we are pleased to have a well-informed say in the appointment of his successor by the DFC board. We wish them well in that task.

“This appointment is obviously of crucial significance for the next season and beyond. The timing is tough, coming right at the period when signings and contracts are in hand. But we are positive about the outcome.

“Dumbarton FC is now on the football map in a fresh way. Thanks to Ian and all those who worked with him, we are in the spotlight again. The gaffer’s job at the Rock is a tough, demanding, but also rewarding role for an aspirational, level-headed and bright manager. That is what we are looking for.

“Equally, this is a moment in which everyone at and around the club – including the supporters and our growing, ambitious trust – needs to work together to ensure that the success we have enjoyed in recent years is consolidated and built upon.

“ The development of a community club like Dumbarton is never a one-man business. It’s about pulling together. That is our commitment moving forward.”

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