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The BIG Thank You!

May 8, 2013

sonstrustlogoESPECIALLY for those of you who don’t see the SonsView matchday programme (something we hope you’ll definitely be putting right next season – it’s packed with goodies!), it is important to relay our thanks to ALL Sons backers for making 2012/13 another very special season in the history of Dumbarton FC.

Here’s the ‘Big Thank You’ from the Partick Thistle proggie, with no blushes spared and plaudits all round...

“The trust membership, i.e. YOU, has again contributed magnificently to the wellbeing of DFC. Our numbers continue to impress, with over 350 Sons fans fully committed to ‘the cause’ as joint shareholders in the club.

“The trust board – YOUR board – are grateful to all who have made a contribution, however small or large. Everyone truly does play a part, whether you buy a programme, take a 50/50 ticket, support social events – it ALL counts.

“We do, though, have to single out a few people without whom our services to the fans and the club simply wouldn’t work. So, it’s a huge thank you to Tommy Hughes, our membership secretary who does a sterling job in organising the fans buses via our travel section, aided and abetted by Denise Currie. Trust members Ross Black and Ian McEwan get honourable mentions for doing the rounds at each away game selling our various raffles and draws which help enormously with funding.

“Our media team, which doubles as the club’s media squad, are also due a special thank you as we have, in our opinion, one of the best websites, social media and communications output in the SFL. Thank you to Simon Barrow for his expertise in many respects (always good to have a professional on board) and to our matchday Tweeter Jack Crawford, whose efforts on minute-by-minute reporting are appreciated throughout the world! Donald Fullarton’s photos of all things DFC are a service money can’t buy. We have also to thank Dean Walsh who stepped in for a month or two to help out with SonsTV (which WILL be back in the new season).

“Thanks to SonsView editor Graeme Robertson and co-ordinator Andy Galloway who make the programme ‘happen’, and to treasurer Jo McBride for keeping us all in line (don’t ever go home to Jo with a broken pay packet!)

David Powell, DFC 50/50 Co-ordinator, also does a really important job on this and other commercially-related issues, and we greatly appreciate the contribution of Davie Richardson to the Trust board.

“We want to extend a huge thanks to Alan Findlay (even though he’ll tell us off for doing so!). The amount of work and energy he puts into the Trust and DFC is simply phenomenal.

“We’d also like to go on record with our appreciation to the Directors at DFC, who are amongst the hardest working boards in the SFL. The collaborative spirit by which fans can now engage in the process of running the club is truly refreshing.

“Last, but certainly not least, thank YOU for being a fan and part of the ever growing Sons Family. The Sonstrust – FOR EVERY DUMBARTON FAN.

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