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Trust Board Monitors ‘SPL2’ Situation

May 5, 2013

LongmuirMOST Sons fans will now be aware, from the media, of the meeting that took place last Thursday, after which a number of representatives of First Division clubs, including Dumbarton, were declared to have an interest in reviving the ‘SPL2’ plans.

The Sonstrust Board is currently in discussion about the situation and monitoring it closely. As always, we intend to listen and communicate Sons’ fans views on this, and to continue to engage the Club in a positive way on the issues involved.

The precise financial, legal and structural implications of a mooted breakaway are not clear at present, though considerable concerns are being expressed about its possible impact. Scottish Football League chief executive David Longmuir (pictured) has made a forthright response. In turn, there is a ‘vote of no confidence’ threat against the SFL Board and CEO.

We are not likely to know more until after the SPL meeting scheduled for Tuesday 7th May.

The Trust and supporter movement in Scotland has made clear its commitment to a reform of Scottish football that involves all 42 professional clubs, a fairer distribution of financial and other resources, larger divisions, transparent governance, the restoring of proper competition in the game, a pyramid system, community benefit, and a decisive place for fans in the running of the game at all levels.

Those principles, and the views and concerns of our members, will continue to guide our response as events unfold. Comments from Sons fans are welcome here.

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  1. Campbell Yule permalink
    May 5, 2013 5:03 pm

    I am surprised and disappointed that DFC have joined the renegades,especially as the Sons have shown on the park what you can do with a part time team.
    There is no pot of gold in Scottish football and look at the SPL for the consequences of spending beyond your means.
    Celtic,Aberdeen and when the Pars were in the top division have closed or are closing part of their ground.
    According to the accounts the SPL is technically insolvent and have no sponsor for next season.
    Hearts are on the verge of bankruptcy
    Are Brabco looking for a pension day as their dream of developing the Rock has been busted.?
    Where do the SPL get the money?
    A fact the clubs seem to have missed is that that SPL,s rules only allow a maximum of 16 clubs.
    Then again goalposts seem to move themselves!,,,,
    the ironic thing is that the SFL had the big boys by the bollocks if only they had bided there time
    What happened to “sporting integrity” and talking to the fans, of whom I have yet to talk to one who wants this.
    If the club want to chase the dream let them do it on their own and withdraw all assistance from the trust
    Campbell Yule

  2. Dave Carson permalink
    May 5, 2013 7:05 pm

    It was interesting to hear Ian Murray’s thoughtful address at Saturday’s DFC Awards Party, in particular his comment on players, Managers and Boards of Directors merely ‘passing thro’ football clubs. I wonder if Stewart Milne at Aberdeen, Scott Gardiner at Dundee, Martin Ritchie at Falkirk and Les Gray at Hamilton have ever pondered on that as they each deliver rhetorical broadsides.

    Decisions driven by perceived desperation and at speed seldom turn out to be wise ones, and like Campbell I’m very disappointed that Dumbarton FC appears to have aligned itself with the lifebelt-grabbing tendency. I suspect however, that had they not then they could have argued that another club may well have taken their place. I’m sorry, but in the way that selling armaments to despots because if we don’t then the French will has never done it for me, and pulling the ladder up on Divisions Two and Three to advance Dumbarton’s cause won’t either.

    And my, how times change. Barely four years ago we were carousing around Galabank, yet here we are today aligning ourselves with a manoeuvre born of panic which threatens to cast Annan and the other lower league clubs into some sort of footballing netherworld. How has it come to this ?

    Quite simply, it is finally being acknowledged that the SPL is a failure, and a financially catastrophic one at that. Yet the narrow self-interest of the top tier is choking all avenues of common sense, such as a 16-team top division and 2-up, 2-down or a play-off. Like junkies who fail to see how decrepit their body has become they insist on yet more of the same failed medicine.

    Throw two very oversized pieces into the jigsaw, ones which basically fit only themselves, and the issue becomes less about whether, for example, Morton should remain full-time or not. It is much, much deeper and wider than that

    YES, the game here has very profound structural problems, but as a starting point and prerequisite for advancement the existing three authorities must be rationalised to the SFA and only one league body. Then and only then can the business of taking time to map out a more equitable and sensible league structure begin, with everyone round the table. Pyramids, regions, whatever – do it once and do it with consensus.

    Like many Sons fans I will keep a watching brief, even to the extent of making a commitment to a season ticket purchase, but the DFC Board should be aware that based on those fans I have talked to since Friday, their action does not have much by way of endorsement in the Sons support. In unity lies strength, and whilst everyone connected with DFC should at all times work in the club’s best interests, unilateral actions by splinter groups is not my preferred option. I would expect the Trust to uphold these principles.

  3. Jack Deighton permalink
    May 5, 2013 9:38 pm

    I hope everyone who comments on here agrees with both the above comments.

  4. Robbo permalink
    May 5, 2013 10:38 pm

    Is that right Jack? And if someone dares to disagree? Firing squad? Book burning??

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