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Change Still There to be Grasped

April 16, 2013

sonstrustlogoTHE outcome of yesterday’s vote by the SPL on contested proposals to reshape Scottish football should not be seen as thwarting change, but as a spur to find a better way forward together.

That is the initial message of the Sonstrust in the light of the failure of the 12-12-18 league reconstruction plan, which had been opposed by the great majority of fans and had also divided SFL opinion.

“The SPL vote is not necessarily a vote that will scupper league change going forward,” said Sonstrust chair Brian Payne, reacting to the news today.

“In fact, if all parties are sensible, it could act as a catalyst for consensus. Supporters can see no good reason why the good parts of the SPL proposals cannot be implemented without being hitched to a deeply unpopular league structure,” he continued.

“One league governing body, fairer shares of the overall money in the game and a proper democratic governance structure is what everyone wants, so hopefully those that make the decisions will take note.

“The time for change is definitely here and it’s time to grasp it.”

Supporters Direct Scotland said this morning that it was “disappointed that the opportunity to reform the Scottish game appears to have stalled”. But it urged ‘hat the considerable momentum that has been created needs to be maintained” and offered to help with mediation to find a way forward.

Meanwhile, the policy and advocacy network FansFirst Scotland, with which the Sonstrust is also engaged, said that “what is needed next is not recrimination but a serious re-think.” The failure of the current proposal was not down to one or two clubs, but to flaws in both the content and form of what was put on the table, the group suggested.

“It is more obvious than ever that a different approach to the challenge of changing Scottish football, a different style of leadership and consultation, and a different way of conceiving the options involved [is] needed,” an opinion piece on its website said.

Last year, FansFirst Scotland published a plan for the future of Scottish football setting out a serious, alternative approach to renovation and renewal, starting from a series of supporters’ surveys.

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