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Brian Stresses Supporters’ Concerns

April 15, 2013

Board memberSONSTRUST chairman Brian Payne has been talking to the  newspaper about supporters’ perspectives on the changes being mooted in Scottish football.

His comments coincide with the publication of the Trust Board’s Open Letter on League Reconstruction, which has been picked up by national media outlets and by FansFirst Scotland as well as being sent round to supporter organisations.

The secretary of the St Mirren Trust is among those indicating that “our position pretty much reflects the points and opinions noted in your letter.”

Meanwhile, Brian Payne (pictured) told the Herald: “The trust held its AGM recently and on the agenda for discussion was the current set of proposals for league reconstruction.

“It’s clear that our members are not in favour if what is being proposed in terms of league structure but fully agree that change is needed.

“Supporters can’t understand why, if there is broad agreement for a single league body that is properly constituted and for a fairer share of the revenue generated collectively, these elements cannot be introduced now.

“Fans don’t want a complicated league structure and they certainly don’t want to be bullied into acceptance of a system that is clearly flawed.

“Hearing that an SPL2 proposal has also been revived, raising the spectre of further splits and arguments, and a retreat from an approach which seeks a way forward for the whole of the professional game rather than just its wealthiest, is depressing.”

The Sonstrust Board has argued that: “Taking a further season to discuss a workable league structure for all (which should also include greater detail of a viable pyramid system) will enable supporters’ organisations to be properly engaged in the process. It will also help put current disagreements between clubs in the context of a larger vision for Scottish football as a whole – not just the largest and most vocal interests.”

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