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Trust Board Elections

April 11, 2013

agmAT the Sonstrust’s recent Annual General Meeting, held on 25th March, the following were confirmed, re-elected or co-opted to the Trust Board.

Brian Payne (Chair, elected until next AGM), Alan Findlay (Secretary, elected until AGM 2014), Tommy Hughes (Membership Secretary / Supporters’ Bus Coordinator, elected until AGM 2014), David Richardson (elected until AGM 2014), Simon Barrow (Communications and Projects, elected until next AGM), David Powell (DFC 50/50 Coordinator, elected until next AGM), Andy Galloway (DFC Programme Coordinator, elected until next AGM).

Co-opted Members are: Donald Fullarton (DCS representative, until next AGM), Joanne McBride (Treasurer, until next AGM), Denise Currie (until next AGM).

Thanks was expressed to all who have helped with the Sonstrust’s work over the past year, both in elected and non-elected roles.

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