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Sons Fans Want Better Reconstruction Plans

March 30, 2013

sonstrustlogoCURRENT  proposals for league reconstruction in Scottish football were strongly criticised in a lively discussion at the Sonstrust AGM earlier this week.

“We can do better than this” was the clear message coming from supporters.

Getting on for two dozen fans braved a cold night and forsook the alternative attraction of a Scotland Under-21 match to attend the meeting, which included a presentation from Supporters Direct Scotland CEO Paul Goodwin.

Surveys of Scottish football fans have demonstrated time and again that the paying customers want larger divisions, more competition, more diversity and fairer shares to restore interest and energy to the national game.

But the governing bodies in Scotland have seemed determined to press ahead with changes to a 12-12-18 structure which is overwhelmingly rejected by supporters – including the great majority of Dumbarton fans, according to Trust consultations and polls.

The controversial ‘Old Firm colts’ idea has also been put back on the table, again despite clear supporters opposition.

Now it seems certain that reconstruction will be delayed for a further season, allowing time for further planning and (critics hope) reconsideration.

On the other hand, the SPL2 proposal has also been revived, raising the spectre of further splits and arguments, and a retreat from an approach which seeks a way forward for the whole of the professional game rather than just its wealthiest.

Contributors to the Sonstrust AGM discussion said that going for a messy and inadequate ‘short term fix’ was no way to address the serious issues facing the national game.

FansFirst Scotland and SDS have offered detailed proposals for a model involving larger divisions, which they argue is a better solution than what is being discussed at the moment.

In his speech to the AGM, Paul Goodwin emphasised the importance of a variety of models for developing more community ownership of football clubs. He talked about the background to current crises at Dunfermline, Hearts and elsewhere, arguing that proper fan representation at all levels of the game was vital to its future.

More news and information from the Sonstrust AGM to follow.

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