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Your Opinions – Supporters Bar – Community Suite

February 14, 2013

OK folks, we need YOUR help (again!) – this time it’s feedback on the supporters bar situated in the community suite at the Bet Butler Stadium.

Having fought long and hard – and having too helped finance the set-up of the facility – the trust are keen to see as many Sons fans use it pre and post match.

YOUR views/ideas/suggestions are required/needed.

So, don’t be shy : complete the polls (below) and please use the comments facility

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  1. Bryan McMurtrie permalink
    February 14, 2013 4:52 pm

    The main thing for me is the quality (or lack thereof) of the pints on offer. Most of the time the lager is fairly flat and not particuarly good. Certainly not worth the £3 you get charged for it. Especially when I can sit in the Stags head, often have a choice of 2 games to watch and have a choice of various drinks all of excellent good quality for a much cheaper price.

    If the quality of the beer improved and the live saturday afternoon/evening games available to view, I would use the Supporters bar much more often.

  2. Andrew McCulloch permalink
    February 16, 2013 9:05 pm

    Some suggests:
    – Public Wi-Fi (3G signal at the Stadium is poor)- If Sonstrust/Club were interested in income, could charge for subscription per game and/or per season. Or provide a free service. Wouldn’t be much overheads involved.
    – Local beers in Loch Lomond brewery/ Houston Brewery/Loch Fyne always looking to increase stockists.
    – Better selection of bottled beers (Other than the bog standard Miller, Bud and Becks!)
    – Hot water in toilets. Bug-bearer of mine. Not much of a capital expenditure to install water heaters at sinks. You can wash your hands in warm water in a pub?!
    – Regular Quizzes. (Either before or after match).
    – Dart Board
    – Darts Competition: Fee to enter – Prize for winner
    – Pool Competition: Fee to enter – Prize for winner
    – Occasional local bands/Entertainment after the game.
    – Let away fans in (more bodies through the door and create atmosphere). Segregation/Toilet issues could be addressed.
    – Sky TV and ESPN for live matches. – I know public subscriptions can be pricey but it would be a big draw
    – Canteen Style meals (similar to the setup at Livingston’s Stadium Bar)
    – What about getting past players in for a Q&A session?
    – Open Bar up after midweeks games. (At least for a heat before heading home!)
    – Long shot but a Bookies? There’s a Ladbrokes in the Jackie Husband Stand at PTFC, and McBookie hut at Elgin. How many people do you know that has a punt on a Saturday? Not sure what the license cost/issues would be but if others can do it……..
    – Difficult one, but the community suite has that ‘church hall’ ambience about it. Ideal for functions put people like that ‘homely’ feel of a pub. Not sure the answer without costly structural changes………..
    – Sons TV highlights of previous games. (or maybe just goals). Past seasons footage.
    – More memorabilia on walls. Ask fans to raid their attics (on loan) for items to display. Plenty of history to show!

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