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League Reconstruction – SDS Survey Results 2012

January 10, 2013

As an addendum to the series of current polls we are running on this site, we thought we would re-publish the results of Supporters Direct’s (in Scotland) own findings from last year.

The results show quite clearly that the football governing bodies are way out of synch with their fanbase when it comes to league reconstruction. Alarmingly so.

Click on the link below.


If you can’t be bothered reading the above, here’s a quick summary –

The full results clearly illustrate a desire amongst Scottish football supporters for:

Bigger Scottish football leagues, particularly with regards to the SPL:
·        9 out 10 fans want a league larger than the current set up.
·        Three quarters of fans want a 16 or 18 team league with nearly half of all respondents preferring a 16-team league set up.
·        81% of Old Firm fans support a league bigger than current set up
·        Even when it was explained that the SPL justifies smaller leagues so that there at least 4 Old Firm matches per season (at that time, before Rangers exploded), respondents remained solid in their support for larger leagues with a 16 team set up the preferred option of 45% of fans (compared to 49% before mention of TV revenues).
A wider distribution of income and increased competition:
·        Two-thirds of fans stated that they would attend more regularly if there was more competition
·        Greater sharing of central revenue is likely to increase competition according to 83% of respondents.
On season starts and winter closedown
Supporters have reinforced in the survey the notion that the traditional football season format is ripe for change:
·        Support for an earlier start to the season is 3 to 1 in favour of change
·        Nearly two-thirds of fans support a winter break
Plenty food for thought.
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