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Dumbarton Vote for Newco to Start at Bottom

July 13, 2012

DUMBARTON FC joined 24 other clubs in voting for the Newco Rangers to be admitted into the Third Division rather than First Division at the SFL’s Extraordinary General Meeting at Hampden this afternoon.

The decision came in the wake of careful listening to DFC supporters, Sonstrust members, season ticket holders and shareholders in recent weeks. The club’s Board has issued a prompt statement about the decision on the official DFC website.

The club’s directors have persistently maintained that they were reserving their decision until all possible information was on the table, and yesterday rejected persistent speculation and accusations that they had already made up their minds.

The Board’s statement today thanks “all who have made their views known in recent weeks, through correspondence, polling and the recent stakeholders’ meeting.”

It says: “[We] felt with the 24 other clubs who voted the same way that the Third Division option [for the Newco] was the best one in the circumstances… We are acutely aware of the financial challenges that lie ahead for the game and for ourselves.”

The statement adds: “Dumbarton FC remains committed to a 42-team future for the game in this country, and to the substantial reforms for Scottish football which have come onto the table in these discussions.”

The DFC Board concludes: “As the challenges of our season back in the First Division loom, the opportunity now arises for all Sons fans to get behind the club and work for the best possible future for Dumbarton FC.”

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  1. July 13, 2012 8:49 pm

    As one who voted Yes’ to Sevco 5088 being admitted to Division One last Saturday, and made representations on this website, I am delighted that the ‘No’ vote held sway today.

    My views began to alter earlier this week when it became obvious that a key tenet for me in the form of a binding agreement for the benefiit of all Scottsih football was not in fact within sight. A range of other factors also came into play, not least an increasingly hysterical media campaign in which the coalescing views of the SFL clubs was given little coverage and even less support.

    If I could sum up how I ended up feeling ahead of today’s meeting it was that I considered that too many people in authority and the media had become afraid not of Scottish football failing to cope with the demise and demotion of Rangers FC, but in fact precisely the opposite; the fear that it could in fact survive, thus denying the ability to quickly and corruptly return to flawed staus quo.

    There was of course the simple matter that Newco deserved to have the same fate as any other club, and ultimately that is the prerequisite of any sporting association. I was on the wrong side of that basic point, but for very best of intentions.

    The SFL and Dumbarton FC are to be congratulted for their brave decison today, it is the correct one.

  2. Brian permalink
    July 13, 2012 9:59 pm

    Congratulations to the DFC board. I unreservedly apologise for my accusation of cowardice earlier this week. I am delighted to be proved wrong. The process has been an extremely emotive one and has caused a lot of discussion with regard to the morals and ethics of not only the individual supporters but the club as a whole. I pray and hope that this will now be the end of the matter, and no nonsense about an SPL2……Roll on the new season in Division One where I will be more than happy to roar …C’MON THE SONS!!!!

  3. Nicholas White permalink
    July 19, 2012 2:31 pm

    I am very sorry that Rangers are in the 3rd division and I came to the meeting at our club expecting to vote Rangers into Division 1, however the package put to us by the SFL was nothing short of attempted blackmail and in the end the correct result was arrived at.
    Two points .1 Mr Regan should not have the support of our board and let alone resign should be dismissed from his post.
    2 Unless I have missed it I have seen no result of the Ballot of thos present at the meeting the count being carried out by the Supporters Trust. Can this be declared please?.

    Nick White.

  4. sonsteam permalink*
    July 22, 2012 5:00 pm

    Hi Nick. Thanks for your comment.

    Couple of things to note. First, the SFL were not responsible for the proposed restructuring plans. Their role was to try and get the best possible outcome for their clubs as a condition of Rangers entry into SFL1.

    Any antagonism should be directed to the SPL and the SFA.

    The outcome of the stakeholders meeting on 7th July has been widely circulated (and misconstrued).

    Articles on this site and again on the DFC will give you the info you need.

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