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Newco Voted into the Third Division

July 13, 2012

THE member clubs of the Scottish Football League have today accepted the Newco Rangers as associate members of the SFL, and have also voted overwhelmingly that they will begin life in the Third Division.

The outcome will delight the majority of Dumbarton fans and the great majority of supporters in Scotland as whole, but now leaves a series of major questions about negotiating the future of the game.

Dumbarton FC voted with the 25 out of 30 clubs present for the Third Division option.

In a press conference that began just before 14:30, SFL chief executive David Longmuir (pictured) said he felt “comfortable” with a verdict reached in accord with sporting principles and established procedures.

He stressed that it was the strong view of SFL members,  and most particularly of First Division clubs, that there must be a 42-club solution to the future of Scottish football – a rebuttal of any moves towards SPL2.

He also made it clear that the recent proposals for larger divisions, a fairer financial settlement and other significant reforms were “still on the table” as far as the SFL was concerned.

The reaction to the vote from the SFA and the SPL is awaited. However, asked about the financial implications of Newco Rangers going to the  Third Division, Mr Longmuir said that it would be necessary to look again as “the whole football economy”, recognising that it was likely to shrink further.

The full SFL statement can be read here.

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