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SFL Clubs Consider Options

July 10, 2012

MEMBERS of the Scottish Football League are meeting tomorrow, for the second time this week, to discuss further details of evolving proposals about resolving the Newco situation at Friday’s extra general meeting.

Despite a number of reports, condemnations and claims to the contrary, Dumbarton FC’s board have not publicly declared a voting position yet – though they have acknowledged the result of the poll at the recent DFC stakeholders’ meeting, and understand the depth of feeling of those who take a different view.

On Sunday 8th July a statement on the official Club website confirmed that “Dumbarton’s directors aim to stay closely in touch with developments that may yet effect the final outcome.”

What was shared at Saturday’s consultation was the information presented to all SFL representatives by the governing authorities last week – not a ‘Club position’.

The aim was to ensure that Trust members, season ticket holders and shareholders could receive the same basic information about what has been on the table as SFL Club reps, and to have the chance to express an opinion as to which of available options would be better (or “least worst”, as most see it) in terms of consequences for Dumbarton FC and others.

However, we understand that SFL negotiations remain ongoing, and important questions that have been raised about financial figures (including the settlement agreement between the SPL and the SFL, contingent on commercial agreements) are being investigated closely.

The Sonstrust also understands that a further DFC Board statement will be made before the SFL meeting. Meantime, the Club’s directors are wanting to ensure that the proposals that will finally be considered at Friday’s SFL meeting, and the determinable “facts on the ground”, are as clear as possible before making their full position known.

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  1. Donald Crocket permalink
    July 10, 2012 11:52 pm

    I’ve been dismayed since Saturday’s meeting, and was frankly horrified with the result of the vote. However, I very much appreciate the Board providing a public platform for discussion. Although no decision has been formally made, the Board’s stance at the time was strongly intimated. I can only hope that, come Friday, they feel compelled to reconsider.

  2. Steve Young permalink
    July 13, 2012 12:44 pm

    I too, was disappointed at the result of the vote – primarily based on the fear of SPL 2, and little else.
    Certain SFL clubs have stepped up and declared their position. We cannot allow bullying and fear to be the basis of our membership of the SFL !!

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