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Sons Supporters Respond to Newco Options

July 8, 2012

DUMBARTON FC’s directors have been convening this morning to reflect on the discussions and poll result from yesterday’s gathering at the Stadium of key stakeholders.

The hot topic was which way the Club should go in the decision about where to admit Newco Rangers in the Irn Bru SFL this coming season. An SFL special general meeting will take place to resolve the question on 13th July.

After passionate but reasoned debate, a raft of questions, and a sober presentation of the consequences for other clubs of putting the Newco in either the First or Third Division, the clear majority voted, with some reluctance, for the former.

Of the 93 Sonstrust members, season ticket holders and shareholders present, the majority for the First Division option, after hearing the arguments on both sides, was 55 to 28.

The anger about what has happened as a result of Rangers’ misdemeanours was strong and unanimous, and though some felt that the Newco should start at the bottom of the SFL, most believed that causing serious financial damage to the game by doing so would end up punishing the innocent.

If Newco Rangers is admitted into the First Division, further serious football sanctions will follow on the new company that embodies the old Club.

Dumbarton FC directors pledged to take the result of the Stadium vote, and the debate that has been taking place through the Trust, in the local media and via correspondence with the utmost seriousness in deciding how to vote next week.

There are also ongoing conversations between the Scottish football’s governing bodies about how to structure any deal next Friday. SFL chief David Longmuir is pushing for the best possible deal for smaller Clubs and the future of the game as a whole.

The Sonstrust Board, meanwhile, has paid tribute to “Dumbarton’s magnificent fans” in the way they have responded “with thoughtfulness, respect and passion for the Club and the game in this difficult debate.”

This website will continue to be a hub for conversation, discussion and information on Newco and related issues through next week and on into the new season.

Both the Trust and the DFC Board are urging Dumbarton fans to stick together and get behind the team in what will be a momentous challenge in the First Division in 2012/13, whatever the final composition of the league.

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  1. July 8, 2012 1:50 pm

    “most believed that causing serious financial damage to the game”

    And you think that 90% of supporters turning their back on a corrupt league operated for the benefit of one club won’t?

  2. July 8, 2012 3:20 pm

    As I commented above, personally, I hope and believe that the majority of fans, whatever view they take of First or Third, want to work together to reform and clean up Scottish football, not punish small clubs for the sins of the giants. It would be great if we could harness the energy and passion generated by Newco to the long-term task of changing the way the game is run, structured and financed for good. But that can’t be achieved by next Friday, so the issue is (IMO) what decision to take to maximise the opportunity for further change.

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