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SFL ‘Working With Pace and Urgency’

June 27, 2012

FOLLOWING a meeting of the Scottish Football League Board yesterday, SFL chief executive David Longmuir has issued a statement about how matters are proceeding about discussions over a possible application from the Rangers Newco.

He declared: “We had a positive and productive board meeting in which all the important issues were discussed. There will be a club meeting [next week, 3 July] after which we can call a Special General Meeting at six days’ notice, if necessary.

“We didn’t rule anything out and we didn’t rule anything in, but the most important aspect of the whole process is to consult with our clubs.

“We’re working with as much pace and urgency as we possibly can and I understand the need for clarity on the current situation.

“You can rest assured we have been discuss every dynamic in the game at the moment,” said Mr Longmuir.

The rules of the SFL are that 75% of member clubs (22) must generally vote in favour of such a change, though other regulations may come into play. An EGM requires a simple majority.


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