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SD Scotland – Keep on Keeping on!

June 13, 2011

THE staff for Supporters Direct Scotland, with whom Sonstrust is very pleased to work on a regular basis, are wanting to assure trust members and supporters here that “the work goes on” – in spite of the difficult developments in England.

SD operates both as a whole, across Britain, and with particular constituencies. Funding for the work in Scotland is distinct. Of course, getting money for anything is tough in the present climate. But Supporters Direct Scotland is trying to build good relations both within the game and beyond it – in order to work with us and others on pushing forward to key agendas of: more community ownership, more supporter involvement in running the game, greater financial transparency, and good governance across the sport.

It does seem extraordinary that huge sums of money can be pulled over a couple of daft tweets from someone’s private account – even when the individual concerned has resigned, recognising that what he did was entirely inappropriate for an officeholder in a public body.

There is, of course, a mass of politics behind all this. One lesson is that being dependent on the organisations you are seeking to reform will always make you vulnerable. Another is that more and better communication – with fans, with the media, and with the football community – is needed from SD.

In Scotland, the feeling is growing that there is an opportunity here: to improve the working of the supporters trust network, and to move its ability to influence and change the game forward. That means getting behind SD right now. It also means learning the lessons, and moving forward.

Ed Mayo from Co-operatives UK has said this morning: “Supporters Direct has a wonderful track record. All who back the idea that fans have a role in sport should stand together now the idea is under threat.”

Supporters Direct Scotland has put out its own statement about the situation, and its own ambitious plans.

The next Supporters Direct AGM is on 15 July. I’ll be there. If anyone else reading this is interested in coming along, please drop me an email here.

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