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Sons Fans Send A Message to Hampden

June 4, 2011

IN ADDITION to Saturday 4 June being an important day for the Sonstrust, and at Dumbarton Football Club, there’s a really significant gathering at Hampden Park, too.

Because many Sons fans will be watching or taking part in the Play for the Sons (2pm) and Stand Up for the Sons (7.15pm) events, we will be sparse at the headline ‘Future of Scottish Football’ conference organised by Supporters Direct.  But our voices will be heard, nonetheless.

Nearly 400 Dumbarton fans took part in a Sonstrust survey about changes to the structure of the game and supporter representation, together with a ‘send-a-postcard to the SPL’ initiative on the last day of the 2010-11 season.

So when the SPL’s Neil Doncaster and the SFL’s David Longmuir join with others in a panel discussion at the SD conference this morning, they will be hearing YOUR voice too. And the message is clear. We all believe reform is needed in the game in Scotland. But supporters are saying that it should be for the many, not just the few – and that serious alternatives need to be considered.

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