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There’s Still A Lot To Play For

May 8, 2011

ONCE again, Dumbarton supporters – in the stands, and in hospitality – have responded magnificently… This time to the Supporters Direct Scotland postcard campaign about the future of Scottish Football.

Within an hour or so, a couple of hundred cards were signed, telling the SPL that they should not be taking decisions about re-structuring the game without involving all the Clubs and fans impacted… not just a “select few”.

Thousands of these cards will be heading in to SPL headquarters over the next few days. The SDS initiative, backed by the Sonstrust and others, was from out viewpoint a little late in coming. But we are glad it has emerged, along with the campaigning group blog we are actively supporting: Changing Scottish Football.

On the field, the season may be over. However, in terms of decisions impacting our future, there is a lot to play for over the summer – and we’re not just talking about the gaffer’s signing decisions!  The Sonstrust will keep you informed and involved, through this site, about developments in the campaign to get Scottish football community-based, well-run, sanely financed, fan-oriented and fairly organised.

That’s a big agenda, of course. And Rome’s San Siro wasn’t built in a day!  So when someone said to me, “of course, you know they won’t take any notice?” I wanted to respond: “This is part of the beginning, not the end; and if you do nothing you’re even more certain to achieve nothing.”  But I was too busy, along with Denise Currie and others, handing out postcards.

When the Sonstrust started up, there were cynics on hand helpfully to suggest that it would come to nothing. With determination, realism, vision and an awful lot of effort by a huge number of people, the Trust has proved them wrong. Spectacularly.

Likewise, while reforms in Scottish football (that truly give the game back to those who love it most) won’t happen overnight, and while there will be setbacks along the way, it’s daft to shrug your shoulders and give up. Sons fans certainly haven’t done that this season.

Be proud of yourselves and keep on keeping on!

[Picture of Simon Barrow (l) and DFC director Alan Findlay (r) trying to frighten the horses, courtesy and © Donald Fullarton]

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  1. Alan Findlay permalink
    May 9, 2011 10:36 am

    Good cause – terrible photo!!

  2. May 10, 2011 10:38 pm

    “You’re so vain… you probably think this photo’s about you.” 😉

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