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Postcards For Change!

May 7, 2011

IF you’re coming along to SHS this afternoon for the match against Forfar and end-of-season celebrations, make sure you sign the Supporters Direct Scotland ‘postcard for change’.

Many hundreds of supporters across the country will be joining this campaign to make sure that the SPL and others taking decisions about ‘league restructuring’ hear the voice of fans.

All you have to do is put your signature on it and return it to a member of the Trust. If you are not going to be at SHS (shame!!), you can join in by dropping a note to James Proctor at SDS here.

Incidentally, the Sonstrust‘s very own Gary Black did the nifty design for this. Thanks, Gaz. There’s more about the campaign here, on Changing Scottish Football.

The card reads: Football supporters spoke loudly and clearly when 88% opposed to the move to a 10 team SPL. Fans are simply tired  of their clubs playing each other four times and more each season and are rethinking the value of paying so much for repeat games.

Therefore we reject the current proposal for reform of the league structure.

Fans demand a new plan which addresses their concerns. A new plan that allows clubs to strive for success without risking financialarmageddon . A plan that makes leagues bigger not smaller. A plan that puts the paying fan first. Without it we risk driving supporters away from our game.

The Future of Scottish Football is in your hands.

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