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Changing Scottish Football

May 7, 2011

THE Sonstrust has helped to give birth to a new voice in the debate about the future of the game here – the Supporters Direct Scotland campaigning ‘group blog’, Changing Scottish Football.

The site is under development at the moment, and there will be a more formal launch shortly – but you can read all about here, and see the initial look, feel and content of the site. The ‘group’ bit means that there will be a number of contributors – some well-known, some less so.

The overall aim is to give supporters and those who want to see ground-up change in the Scottish game an opportunity to explore the off-the-park issues that matter: fan facilities, good governance, supporters involvement, community ownership, league structures, finance, youth development… you name it.

An initial focus will obviously be on the upcoming decisions that the SPL and others are planning to take about ‘restructuring’. So the new website takes off in association with a postcard campaign to ensure that the SPL movers and shakers hear the grassroots dissatisfaction with their current plans along with the desire for change that benefits all clubs, not just a self-selecting ‘elite’.

If you have ideas about the development of the blog, please drop me at note here.

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