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Football Belongs to the Community

May 6, 2011

EARLIER this week the Sonstrust Board had a really interesting meeting with enterprising Clyde FC chairman John Alexander.

John gave of his time to explain what it meant for Clyde to become a Community Interest Company – one where the legal structure ensures that Club investments are wholly dedicated to community benefit and development.

Just as importantly, Clyde has truly progressive articles of association (Microsoft Word document) which mean that it is is run democratically as well as efficiently, and for the benefit of fans, the team and the neighbourhood.

With finances very tight indeed, and the Club still being rescued from what was a crisis situation, Clyde have struggled on the pitch this term. It will be a challenge next season, too.

But they now have their destiny in their own hands, and can take decisions which ensure both safety and responsibility – all accountable to the people who pay through the turnstiles. The Sonstrust wish them the very best.

All-in-all, then, we had an extremely positive conversation together with John about community ownership, financial transparency, commercial development, and the way some Supporters Trusts are transitioning to part or full owners, rather than just do-it-for-free helpers and small stakeholders.

Much food for thought!

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