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£1m Fund For Scottish Football Fans?

April 2, 2011

SUPPORTERS Direct has welcomed an idea to boost community ownership of football clubs in Scotland with a £1 million fund.

The proposal is that the fund would support a ‘community right to buy’ to cover Scotland’s football clubs, so that supporters would have first refusal when their club comes up for sale.

The proceeds for a ‘land reform’ fund would come from money recently allocated to sponsor the Scottish League Cup from the Proceeds of Crime Act (which recovers money from convicted criminals and puts it to community use), and secondly a levy on the broadcast fees received by the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football Association.

The idea has been put forward by the Scottish Green Party, and is expected to encourage others contesting the 5 May Scottish Parliamentary elections to give fresh attention to a game. It is being promoted by co-leader Patrick Harvie – who is himself a Dumbarton lad.

Supporters Direct chief executive Dave Boyle says: “Community ownership is commonplace on the continent and is increasingly seen as the remedy for the poor governance and finances of clubs and poor relationship between clubs and their fans and communities.

“The two biggest problems fans face to make community ownership a reality are the right to be seen as a legitimate bidder by current owners and the cash flow to make the purchase.

“These radical ideas address those problems and we look with great interest at the proposals from other parties in the weeks ahead. The most recent UK election featured proposals from all parties on how they’d reform football, and these proposals really kick the debate off in the Scottish Parliament elections.”

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