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Last Call for Sons Poll

March 8, 2011

HUNDREDS of Dumbarton fans have taken part in the Sonstrust’s canvassing of supporters opinion about the future structure of Scottish football – and there’s still time to have your say if you haven’t voted yet.

The internet surveys will be continued and counted through ’till midnight on Sunday 13th March, to give everyone a chance to take part.

Interim results after the paper ballot at Strathclyde Homes Stadium on Saturday 5th March indicates overwhelming opposition to the ‘regionalisation’ of the lower leagues in Scotland and the placing of ‘colt’ SPL teams in them, plus huge support for fan representation on the sport’s governing bodies – based on the counting of over 200 votes so far. The web comments are also being assessed.

Besides the paper ballot at the Livingston game, the poll questions have been published on this site and on the three Facebook groups related to the Trust and DFC.


Do you want supporters to have representation is Scottish football’s governing bodies?

Do you want SPL ‘colt’ teams allowed to play in the lower leagues?

Do you want DFC to remain in a national, rather than regionalised, Scottish football league?

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