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A Tenner To Help Save Scottish Football

February 11, 2011

THAT’S the slogan on the Sonstrust promotional leaflet that will be handed out to everyone at the Airdrie United game on Saturday. And we need YOUR help to boost the Trust further!

The focus is on the current plans for ‘league reconstruction’ – and how we can be a stronger voice to speak up for smaller clubs like Dumbarton, as a key part of Supporters Direct.

We’d really like EVERY Trust member to see if they can persuade at least ONE friend or family member to join the Sonstrust – to help move our work with Dumbarton FC forward, and above all to increase the power of the fans’ movement in the  debate about the future of Scottish football.

There’s an announcement on the official DFC website. There will be a Trust table on the Concourse, as well as the Community Suite. You can get forms and information tomorrow. We have leaflets to take away, too. Or you can sign people up online here. It’s really easy. And it can help make a big difference.

Our aim is to add to the 300+ already on board, and to make people more aware of what we’ve achieved and what we want to achieve.

So please support this Sonstrust promo campaign.

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