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Working For The Future

January 30, 2011

THINGS may be grim for Dumbarton on the pitch at the moment. But there’s still half a season to go, and at its meeting on Saturday, the Sonstrust Board was looking positively to the future – both of the Club and of Scottish football as a whole.

Supporters Direct Scotland is currently consulting all its members about resources and messages for its campaign to ensure that major changes being mooted in Scottish football benefit all of us, and not just a favoured few.

The message that the Sonstrust Board is sending back is that, based on what members have said on this site, our own conversations, and discussions with other Trusts at the meeting in Falkirk, there are four priorities.

These are (1) making it clear that we don’t see what the SPL has put on the table as an adequate basis for a sustainable future for Scottish football; (2) opposing the idea of ‘colt’ teams appearing in the lower leagues, (3) consulting about regionalisation (which Sonstrust members have spoken out against), and (4) seeking fan representation on all the authorities that run our game.

The other issues which SD members support and which received backing were promoting the benefits of fan/community ownership, and a raft of ideas related to alternative proposals for ‘league reconstruction’: putting those who attend and fund football at the gate ahead of the narrow interests of TV companies; enforcing sound finance and financial fair play; and promoting competitive balance within the game.

In the coming weeks, Sonstrust will be continuing to talk to Dumbarton supporters about the campaign. We will also be launching a drive to increase our Trust membership yet further, in order to strengthen the voice of fans in this vital debate.

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