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Supporters Direct Gathering Urges Action

January 24, 2011

FOUR representatives from the Sonstrust Board took part in a well-attended and positive meeting organised by Supporters Direct Scotland at Falkirk stadium on Sunday 23 January.

The aim of the gathering was to galvanise fan and Trust action in response to the recent McLeish and SPL proposals for league reconstruction (or ‘deconstruction’, as outspoken Inverness Caley Thistle manager Terry Butcher put it in a recent BBC Radio interview!)

Some 50 people from 32 professional clubs and one junior outfit (Clydebank) took the trouble to turn up on a cold, dreary afternoon – but soon found themselves involved in a passionate debate about the future of Scottish football.

The overwhelming feeling was that the proposals put forward so far are not a proper basis for achieving a credible and sustainable basis for the game in this country. As in the recent Supporters Direct survey (to which there had been a huge response), the great majority were against regionalising the lower leagues, and all but two participants vehemently opposed the idea of SPL ‘colt’ or ‘B’ teams entering the SFL.

SD representatives were urged to talk with the Scottish Football League and to ask them to be much more proactive in their response to external proposals which have massive implications for clubs like Dumbarton.

They were also encouraged to use their forthcoming meeting with SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster to seek a proper framework for consultation and decision-making with all clubs, to seek the assumptions and data necessary to consider viable alternatives to what is now on the table, and to press the views of supporters as expressed in the Survey.

The clear wish of those present was that the needs of football development in Scotland should be driving the whole process, not financial interests disconnected from the wishes of football communities.

Supporters Direct is committed to holding those who run the game accountable to the real stakeholders – the fans. This is why continuing to build Sonstrust membership is so important.

Sonstrust members taking part in the SD meeting were DFC director Alan Findlay, chair Brian Payne, David Powell and myself. A hearty thanks should go to James Proctor and Elaine Millar of SD for organising it.


We will ensure that all DFC supporters are kept up to date with developments. YOUR views on reconstruction are important, and can still be posted here, or below our earlier article on the future of Scottish football (where you can read what other people are saying).


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