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Supporters Direct – Survey Results

January 4, 2011

Supporters Direct publish results of recent survey.

The full results of the Supporters Direct Fans’ Survey were released today and they show a clear and unequivocal response to the SPL proposals for league restructure and Henry McLeish’s review of the SFA

The results break down into two themes; firstly they strongly suggest that supporters would like to see larger leagues and that they are bored with playing each team four times per season; secondly that fans do not feel consulted on the current proposals and they would welcome increased representation at national and club level.

The survey was completed by 4,931 supporters from clubs across the whole spectrum of Scottish football – from the SPL and SFL through to Junior and non-league clubs – and was analysed by Red Circle Communications. We were encouraged by both the overall level of response and the thoughtful and considered nature of the responses received – around one third of respondants left comments which is remarkably high for this type of survey.

We believe this shows the depth of feeling on the issues raised in the survey.

These main findings were:

   – A clear preference for a larger top league.
      – 77% prefer a 16 (50%) or 18 (27%) team league.
      – 88% oppose a reduction from 12 to 10 teams.
      – These results hold true for fans of both SPL and SFL clubs.

   – A clear feeling that fans have not been consulted:
      – 93% do not feel consulted.
      – 87% want fans represented at the SFA level.
      – 80% want fans to have more say at their club.
   – Elements of the SPL proposal have support:
      – 77% support play-offs between top two divisions.
      – 66% support a winter break – although there are reservations over
      – 71% support an earlier start to the season.
   – Other elements show mixed results and differences between fans of SPL
   and SFL clubs:
      – Summer season – 48% support, 35% oppose
      – Regionalisation – 48% opposition from SFL supporters (those most
      likely to be affected) – but overall 49% support the proposal
      – ‘B’ Teams entering league structure – strong opposition (79%) from
      SFL supporters but general support (59%) from SPL fans
From these findings there is a clear gap between what supporters want and the proposed reforms that are being considered.

We hope that the SPL, SFA and others can work with Supporters Direct, its member trusts and fans to help improve Scottish football and ensure that we make the right changes to help create a structure with financially sustainable, competitive clubs where the game can flourish.

For more details on the survey, contact James Proctor at Supporters Direct tel. 0141 353 1719, mobile. 07983 627 945 web., email.

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