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April 13, 2010

Trust complete shareholding purchase 6-years early! Fantastic! Pictured is then DFC Chair Alan Jardine, Trust member George Tibbs, former Trust Chair Denise Currie and Trust/DFC director Stephen Lynch

The Sons Supporters Trust  was formed in May 2003 with the twin aims of giving ordinary football supporters a greater say in the future of Dumbarton Football Club and bringing the Club closer to the community (of Dumbarton, the town).

A shareholding was acquired in the Club – 50,000 shares – enabling the Trust to ELECT a representative from the support to the Board of Directors at DFC.

Since it was formed, substantial funds have been raised by the Sonstrust from its members and from general fundraising.

This money has been used to supportDumbartonFootball Club through various activities that have benefitted our members (and the general support) and the Club. The CV we have is very impressive.

So, what makes our (your) Trust so successful? It’s a question often asked, but the answer is simple – our members.

As the Trust looks forward to the new season it is aware that there is a constant need to re-evaluate its purpose and role. This is not always very easy or comfortable given the fact that the co-operative movement is still viewed with unjustified suspicion, but the strength of the membership of our scociety gives us the belief that it has a central and vital role to play in the future of DumbartonFootball Club.

In so many recent cases in the football world, supporters have seen their club; the club they will support emotionally and financially all their lives, hawked around by incompetent or deluded businessmen with motivations that have little or nothing to do with the long-term success of the team.

Without a boardroom presence, those supporters have been unable to bring any influence to bear on the direction in which their club is being pushed. In many instances, supporters have not had any sense of the looming crisis being created until it has actually come upon them. Not so in our case at Dumbarton.

The Sonstrust provides effective representation for Dumbarton fans ; fact. Our influence is substantial and we have a track record to be ver proud of. We are in a stronger position than most. We are well-established and has an energetic board.

Trust Board Prepare for AGM

For season 2010/2011, we are launching a major ‘recruitment/membership’ drive. Our aim is to have as many Sons fans as possible as members of the Sonstrust. Year-on-year since 2003, our numbers have grown and we would to see that trend continue.

The more members we have, the more opportunities we have to influence  DFC and that translates directly into results on the pitch.

It doesn’t cost much to get involved, as little as £10 a year (Thats LESS than £1 per month!), there are many fringe benefits to being a member but most of all, in time, you might be able to say that you played an active part in DFC’s return to a level more befitting the club’s history and status in the game.

When Sons entertain Arbroath on 24th April, you can renew your membership for the new season – we will be operating a recruitment table in the community suite and home concourse. Why not encourage a friend who you know is not yet a member to become a shareholder?

The Sonstrust is YOUr organisation and DFC belongs to the community.

Get involved.

The Trust Board – April 2010

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