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September 24, 2009



IT’S a good question isn’t it? And it’s one the Sonstrust have been asked recently, so perhaps a good time, under our ‘good governance’ banners, to get back to basics an explain why shares in DFC are important.
In what seems, now, the dim and distant past, supporters groups at various football clubs have given sums of money to those managing their club without receiving anything in return.
They have done this out of love for their club. More fool them.
Some (most) of these fans’ groups have found themselves ignored and even, at times, exploited by the club’s owners. The Sonstrust does not want to end up in the same situation and asks for shares in return for the money that members have raised and invested in the club.
The real value of shares is that they provide a lasting influence in the club and give the fans rights to have their real say in how things are running. And the more shares you have, the more say you have.
Having more of a say in how the club is run allows the Trust to ensure the football is run correctly according to company law and listens to it’s fans, or as it’s fashionable to say these days – ‘customers’.
Shares also bind the Trust, the club and the community together. Directors of football clubs come and go, but the Sonstrust is here not just for this generation of fans, but also the next.
A good idea eh? Almost revolutionary!
If you’d like to know more, drop our/your secretary a note on e-mail using or leave a comment in the appropriate space on this posting.
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