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August 30, 2009

TODAY’S Sunday Mail article on Neil Rankine and Donnie MacIntyre – both well known to Sons fans – will not really have been much of a surprise to anyone connected with the Club.

It’s a shocking tale and once again re-inforces the need for the Scottish game to have a fit and proper person’s test with only those ‘passing’ being allowed anywhere near a boardroom.

For some reason, the football industry is a magnet for charlatans and brigands from all over the world, who are allowed to practice fraudulent activities with what appears to be no consequence.

It’s a worry!

The piece about the former Dumbarton Chairman and past owner is perhaps sensationalised a little, but the jist of what has been going on is clear for all to see.

It’s galling that when you consider that supporters trusts have to scrape and bow to be allowed to get a chance to show their collective talents in a football club boardroom, any character, or groups of faceless men with grandiose ideas, can arrive with sackfuls of other people’s money and be shown immediately to the top table.

And yet there are still directors at many of Scotland’s small clubs who still think that white knights are the only solution, a bizarre way of thinking considering the evidence to the contrary.

Times are tough right now and they are going to get tougher. What the game and individual clubs don’t need are the politics of heroic struggle.

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