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August 28, 2009

Over the summer period we had hoped to publish a newsletter for our members – unfortunately a conspiracy of time and resource meant that we didn’t achieve printing it.

We have in our database the articles intended for publication and a couple of them appeared in the first Sons View of the season (v Alloa). It would be a shame if the author’s efforts didn’t get a wider audience, so starting today will give the excellent articles an airing.

As ever, please leave any comment and/or suggestion in the box provided.

First up then is Sonstrust Chair Brian Payne.

Sonstrust Chair Brian Payne

Sonstrust Chair Brian Payne

Dear Members

Firstly I would like to thank the membership for placing their faith in me to continue to take forward the many good activities and strategies that the Sonstrust has pursued since its conception six years ago. The position of Chairperson has certainly been made easier due to the sound foundation the role has established during my predecessor, Denise Currie’s, tenure.

The last year in the life of the Trust has seen some important firsts, including surpassing the 300 membership mark, the completion of the process to change the Trust’s Director on the DFC Board, having a major input into the design of a new third DFC strip for this season and of course the Club’s first major trophy in seventeen years with the capture of the third division championship title.

I hope other positive firsts will continue to happen during my time as Chair.

So, what have I learned so far? Well the position of Trust Chair has fully tested my communication skills, although to be honest I suppose that is expected of the role. But that’s fine with me because I believe open and honest communication are a necessity for myself and the other Board members in ensuring you the membership are fully in the picture with the issues and activities that the Trust Board are pursuing.

It’s also important that this professional attitude is maintained when dealing with the club board, be it in writing formal letters relating to our Directorship position or in face-to face meetings with DFC Directors.

I believe our recent meeting of boards which took place in June 09 has strengthened our working relationship with the DFC Board highlighting their praise for the amount of assistance the Sonstrust has played in trying to make DFC a more successful club.

But just as important to myself and my colleagues is hearing what issues, ideas and concerns YOU the membership have because the Trust Board is here to represent the membership. Therefore whilst we will endeavour to keep you informed of the events and issues the Trust Board are involved in, through our website ( or in correspondence please don’t be shy and come forward and tell us, through email or at the Trust table at home games, of any initiatives or concerns you have and we will bring it into consideration at future Board meetings.

It should never be forgotten that (we the trust Board) are here to represent you and the community’s interests in any dealings with DFC.

Finally, I hope you appreciate of all the work and time the Trust Board members are putting in to ensure DFC becomes a more successful concern both on and off the park and for you the member to develop a greater feeling of being part of the DFC family and we look forward to your support in the many activities that the Trust will put on over the forthcoming months (and seasons).

Brian Payne – Chairman, Sons Supporters Trust

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  1. Burdock Manrot permalink
    August 28, 2009 9:53 am

    After reading the recent Lennox article it seems that the sonstrust is a vital factor in the day to day operations at dfc which cant be a bad thing. I wonder though what the position of the trust is in relation to the rumours of a stadium switch which as far as Im aware nobody really wants except the mysterious owners. Ive read the statement put out by the trust when dfc announced the bit about planning permission around s.h.s. but that said nothing.

  2. Brian Payne - Chairman, Sons Supporters Trust permalink
    August 28, 2009 6:18 pm


    Thanks for your comment, the Trust is proud of the achievements in trying to show DFC is a community club whilst aiding the club in many different ways both financially and with members working away behind the scenes.

    However to the point of your comment. As previously stated the Trust would fully welcome any initiative put forward by the owners of DFC that would enhance our position in Scottish football, be it through investment in the team or the club’s infrastructure.

    We are all ambitious for our club.

    What we would not welcome is an initiative that may place the club’s financial viability in danger; we would not welcome DFC ending up in the same position clubs like Clyde and Livvy find themselves in at present.

    However, like you, we at the Trust are asking the same question: what exactly did the club’s statement mean?

    Despite Trust Boardroom presence the owners have yet to fully explain the details behind their statement and therefore speculating on any potential move away from SHS at this time can only fuel friction between the Trust and the DFC Board at a time when we are working well together.

    I know that this gives no new information but I assure you and all our members that when we know more we will ensure you are provided with any detail asap.

    On a personal note, and as a fan, I believe that SHS fully meets the needs for a club such as Dumbarton, not only at present but even if we were successful in attaining future promotion to the 1st Division – a place most fans would agree we belong.

    I hope this goes a small way in answering your query and welcome further comment from you and all our members

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