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Season 09/10 – Membership

June 24, 2009

WITH the new season just around the corner, the Trust Board, as ever have been busy behind the scenes particularly as the renewal period for membership looms.

Membership secretary Tommy Hughes is poised to send out renewal packs, which, all being well, will be posted next week (beginning 29th June).

Having established the Trust as full working director at Dumbarton FC, Chairman Brian Payne is keen to make sure that our membership stays strong in terms of numbers.

Brian told us : “Last season was fantastic for everyone involved at DFC. A championship win coupled with a real community spirit was the culmination of all the hard work from the players right through to every single fan who attended a match home or away.

“Membership levels reached a new high for the Sonstrust and for the new campaign we must keep the momentum up. When that renewal pack arrives, please return your form and share contribution as soon as possible.

“The Trust Board, mirroring that of the DFC Board, has through our democratic process seen a few changes in the last twelve months. We have new people coming forward to make a real difference to what we do at DFC.

“And in the Boardroom at SHS itself, we have a very capable representative in Alan Findlay and I’m sure Alan won’t mind me saying that if any member has any concerns about anything DFC related, they should give him a call or drop him a note. Knowing Alan, you will get an answer.

“DFC is a strong Club and I’m proud to say that the Sonstrust have played a major role in shaping it as it stands today. There are many challenges coming our way, and a strong and vibrant membership will certainly be important.

“Please renew early and quickly.”

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