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June 18, 2008

AS per our previous posting on Trust membership for the season ahead, Trust membership secretary Tommy Hughes has now started the process of making sure that every member has their renewal pack in time for our year end of 31st July 2008.

The year ahead is (yet another) important one for the Trust and of course the Club, as we look to build on our successful contribution at Strathclyde Homes Stadium. It’s important that we continue to grow as an organisation so that our representation of you – the ‘ordinary’ Sons fan – is effective and meaningful.

The Sonstrust’s membership is important to Dumbarton FC ; make no mistake about that, and YOUR voice and influence is being heard.

Our Trust was formed to help Dumbarton FC progress primarily as a community club, and we are
slowly but surely realising that shared dream. We have achieved many of our start-up aims including that of kick-starting a much needed youth policy at the Club thanks to a five figure investment.

We continue to invest in the Sons willingly, and have representing the fans on the board of DFC an elected director, a position which we proudly hold.

That investment though requires dedication and hard work and for that we are looking to increase our membership base for the season ahead.

So, when that renewal pack hits the doormat, please return your membership form as soon as you can. And remember to persuade at least one new member to join up.

To help with that process, a blank membership application form is available in the Join Here section of this site. Note : Please only use this form for new members.

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